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Commercial property cleaning services
« on: January 07, 2022, 10:51:21 am »
Greetings to all!

Iíve searched around the forum, but since Iím new here, Iíve failed to determine if there was a more suitable category to ask this question. Therefore, I apologize if Iíve chosen wrongly.

I work for a reputable online gambling operator ( that has experienced massive growth during the COVID19 pandemic. As things are (hopefully) starting to go back to normal, my employer is considering moving its online operators to a physical venue in the UK. Since this would be a first for our company since it was founded (an enterprise thatís been operating entirely online since its inception), weíre still working out the logistics of all of the services we would require for our upcoming project.

This brings me to my question: what products would you recommend when it comes to maintaining our physical venue? I imagine we would need to subcontract a maintenance company that would take care of the cleaning services for the entirety of our new location. If so, would anyone be willing to undertake the assignment, or at least recommend a reputable company that might be willing to tackle the job? Please advise!

P.S. Iím new at this and our company has never done such a transition before, so I apologize if the post sounds unprofessional or awkward!