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Thermopure Delivery Unit
« on: Yesterday at 12:34:05 pm »
Hi one & all

HEEEELP! Iíve been in the window cleaning game for near on 20 years, I do both traditional and WFP cleaning.

A year ago I decided to splash out and buy a new van as well as a new 800lt Thermopure Delivery unit from a reputable company based in Swindon

Since day 1 the Hot water system has never produced hot water, the reputable company from Swindon have had 3 attempts at repair / replace parts but to no avail, I still canít get hot water!! Apparently itís something to do with the Webasto equipment?

Both pumps work fine on the cold feed but as soon as I turn the heater switch on it drains the voltage straight away thus not allowing the water to heat!

If I keep the van engine running then the system works fine, but this defeats the object as I canít have the van unlocked and running whilst working away from it, plus it burns diesel as does the system.

Itís all above me to be honest, all I want is a fully operational system, fit for purpose and able to produce hot water at literally a flick of a switch (as advertised)

Does anyone out there have any idea on what the issues could be please and any idea on resolving the issues?

All the best, Phill

simon w

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Re: Thermopure Delivery Unit
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 08:17:29 pm »
Phil move this to the window cleaning section it'll get more views and answers to your questions.