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Window Cleaning Issues / Re: Pyramid Marketing
« Last post by Soupy on Today at 06:08:00 am »
It's difficult to think of a worse name for a marketing company.  Perhaps they weren't around when so-called pyramid selling schemes got such a terrible reputation in the 70s.

Nigerian prince marketing?
When I first started, it was September/October time that I started canvassing.  I did it in the dark all through winter.  I was pretty desperate as there was an awful recession and I couldn't choose when I had been made redundant (third time in two years).  Although interest rates were very high, I did pick up enough dribbles of work to pay my way (just).
I wouldn't canvass in the dark now because I don't need to.  Also, it puts people off and they are generally more wary than back then.  Weekends are OK though, so long as you don't start too early on a Sunday.
Window Cleaning Issues / Re: Pyramid Marketing
« Last post by Walter Mitty on Today at 05:11:59 am »
It's difficult to think of a worse name for a marketing company.  Perhaps they weren't around when so-called pyramid selling schemes got such a terrible reputation in the 70s.
Window Cleaning Issues / Re: Buying and selling of rounds
« Last post by Walter Mitty on Today at 04:51:44 am »
My own experiences with buying work have not been good.  I once paid 5x monthly for some well-priced work. The problem was that the customers had been spoilt rotten and expected the same from me (the guy could afford to do it as he had a full-time shift job elsewhere).  Their expectations meant that it was mainly unviable, so I only kept a few of the better jobs.  A similar thing when I only paid 2x a while back.  Over time, with cancellations and me dropping some, I've kept about half of it.  There is always dross mixed in with reasonable work.  I've found that it's far better to go out there, get your own work, then you can set out your stall from the start.  You can also choose where to canvass and which types of house to avoid (usually those with access and parking issues).
Window Cleaning Issues / Re: Xmas clean please?
« Last post by capn sparkle on Today at 12:14:25 am »
Sorry. I don't get the point being made.


Apologies Rosskevesa I should have been more specific - lesson learnt.

Did you go for the 9kw version also? With a return to tank set up?

Hi Jonny,
yes i went for the 9Kw heater with a return to Tank set up, have you got the same, or are you thinking of getting one.


 Hi Jonny, sorry ive just read your earlier posts, and you were in the same dilemma as me as to  which one to get,
 there are certainly mixed views on CIU with which one to buy, i originally ordered the 5 KW heater, then with much
 debating in my head, i rung up and changed the order for the 9 KW instead, the way i look at it, if i had bought the 5 Kw,
 then after a time i realised it wasn't powerful enough or for any reason, i would be stuck with it, so for the sake of a bit
 more money i went for the 9 KW, as for performance I would much rather have more than less just in case.


Hi Larry,

Thanks for the reply. Yeah Iím in the stages of deciding which route to go down.

Your right what you say about having more capacity than you need, itís always a fail safe that way.

Iíve had a reply from Oliver regarding output temperature, and this time of year with a flow of about 25 on the controller, the 5kw heater should produce 55-60 degrees out the heater.

I run my controller higher than 25, so will lose a little heat there, but even so, the 50 degree mark from the heater is plenty.

It does sound like the 5kw might be suited best to my needs, as itís more economic, and from
What I gather, itís best to run these heaters flat out at max temp, this is better for the burner, so if I was to choose the 9kw version, then in the winter the water would be far too hot for me.

Iím Still deciding though, so may change my mind.  ;D

Thanks Larry, and hope You enjoy your new hot setup. It will make things much more comfortable in this weather for sure.
Hi Steven,

North Lake District, just outside of Carlisle.  About 20 mins from the M6
Window Cleaning Issues / Re: 25 years window cleaning this month
« Last post by jk999 on Today at 12:01:21 am »
Not January blues Dazmond i have felt like it a couple of years now lost my mojo I would give it all up tomorrow if I had the chance and as for online banking I'm sick off chasing customers for payment that's why I would prefer door knocking and also some of my long time customers that always tipped at Christmas since paying through bank don't tip anymore
General Cleaning Issues / Re: Thermatech
« Last post by Kev Martin on Yesterday at 11:30:45 pm »
Brilliant bit of kit but It's too specialised. A hot box and pressure washer would be more versatile.

Happy New Year
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