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Window Cleaning Issues / Re: Snapped xtreme v3 section 9 months old?
« Last post by mufcglen on Today at 05:13:50 pm »
Final update on this!!
All I can say is fantastic service from the gardiner staff and Alex himself.
After fedex letting us down again yesterday I had an email from big man himself first thing this morning and basically because Iíve been messed about by the collection farce of fedex which I repeat again is totally out of gardinerís hands, heís decided to send me a new pole section along with shims and some pole spray as a good will gesture!
Absolutely amazing that from gardiner.
You see plenty of negative comments about customer service like the new email system but all I can say its been fantastic.
I wonít lie I had been thinking about the phantom as my next pole just because of some of the comments on it and the fact Iíve only ever had gardiner but too be honest when i got service like this  why would I want to go elsewhere.
Thsnkd very much Alex G😉
Window Cleaning Issues / Re: fancey w f p systems
« Last post by Clever Forum Name on Today at 05:00:24 pm »
I would love to install DIY systems as a hobby or for friends in the trade. I think you can do a better job than off the shelf generic main stream systems.

I would basically take the key components from every system I like and incorporate it into my own design. The hardest bit is the tank BUT you can buy off the shelf tanks that can be adapted ;)

We've got 4 grippa systems and i believe a brodex and a diy system. I still HIGHLY rate Grippa.
Window Cleaning Issues / Re: Static system.
« Last post by Clever Forum Name on Today at 04:55:01 pm »
Id go with grippa tank as they will come out and install it :)
Window Cleaning Issues / Re: Hot water prototype first test
« Last post by P @ F on Today at 04:52:13 pm »
It will be some thing along the lines of a wabasto hot water diesel heaters the ones you get in campers

are you for real mate? ::)roll ;D
I was going to say that earlier , what give you the idea he hasnt taken the drift of the thread  ;D
Window Cleaning Issues / Re: Grippatank 9kw Hydroheat 🔥
« Last post by P @ F on Today at 04:42:21 pm »
Nah , nothing yet , still doing my homework for the mo !
Dopey Daz thinks I'm going up to Grippa in January  ;D ;D ;D ;D

theres no way you d fit a grippa hydroheat in that van of yours anyway mate unless you reduced the size of your tank to a 150L! ;D

Ha , I was wondering when you would see that comment  ;D
You are right though with the 350 tank , my 250 would give me space and 100kg less , but its down to batteries and charging , thats why I have to come up with a different solution .
Window Cleaning Issues / Re: Static system.
« Last post by 8 weekly on Today at 04:42:10 pm »
Can anyone recommend a company that comes out and installs static systems. 3000 litres per day will be needed initially but need a system to cope with at least double that. Water in my area is between 70/90 ppm. Will need auto shut off etc and auto flush etc. Basicly something to run itself as much as possible. Any advice on your current systems would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Didnít Ionics do Lee Pryorís?
Window Cleaning Issues / Re: DIY diesel heater.....
« Last post by P @ F on Today at 04:09:19 pm »
That is where I am lucky as I can weld !
Window Cleaning Issues / Re: DIY diesel heater.....
« Last post by a900 on Today at 04:06:32 pm »
I was looking for a solution that meant no welding but looks like there isnít anything available that is the right size. Conventiently I have w family member who can weld and has scrap metal tube lying around to.

I should be able to know if itís worth it by new year. Or until the Patents come through 😂😂
Window Cleaning Issues / Re: DIY diesel heater.....
« Last post by P @ F on Today at 03:57:11 pm »
I was looking at these for a previous idea I had , looks like it would be easier to decoke with the open end
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