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Window Cleaning Issues / Re: Pricing for cleaning FSG
« Last post by andyM on Today at 07:23:26 pm »
You never can tell with some people.
I got asked this morning after cleaning the windows on a regular 4 bedroom detached, how much I would charge to clean their FSH.
They are retired, and comfortably well off.
I get on well with them and was feeling generous so i said £80 including the windows.
Their reply: "Err oh well we'll have to think about it then......" 
Window Cleaning Issues / Re: Fiberdyne question for 450gpd RO
« Last post by windowswashed on Today at 07:20:50 pm »
Fibredyne filter has been the best replacement filter to date, beats all the rest for protecting RO
Used Equipment For Sale/Wanted / Re: Fastar 8l boilers for hot wfp.
« Last post by lee pryor on Today at 07:19:33 pm »
I have 2 left

why not take one as a replacement for down the line
Window Cleaning Issues / Re: Reality Check BBC Radio 2
« Last post by windowswashed on Today at 07:16:33 pm »
They deserve a pay rise. I have a lot of customers who are nurses and doctors so it suits me fine
Window Cleaning Issues / Re: Reality Check BBC Radio 2
« Last post by Shrek on Today at 07:13:58 pm »
....says the man who works 4 days a week and earns 50k.....  ::)roll

I dont earn 50k its 49600 odd and thats my turnover not my wages.

Exactly my point - your telling us to have a good think before putting our prices up. And thatís coming from one of the highest earners on ciu  ;D

thats for 2 of them too(marc and his missus take a wage)plus he wont earn that when he takes off holidays/time off/xmas/bad weather etc.....(these all eat into your annual turnover on a spreadsheet/round software app) plus he lives in a very expensive part of the country........hes probably only just marginally better off than being on the dole.....

I thinks heís a lot better off than £73.10 a week! (Dole money)
I did think that later on that 50k between 2 of them isnít great
Window Cleaning Issues / Re: Pricing for cleaning FSG
« Last post by nathankaye on Today at 07:02:06 pm »
I had a customer follow me around once on every window cleaned. She was very OCD!   But shes still with me 15yrs later and i have a coffee at every visit. Every winter she adds whiskey to the coffee.  One of my best customers.

For clearing out the gutters I charge £40 min per side, so front and back is a min of £80.
If im cleaning the outside gutters, fascia n soffits its an extra £40 per side. So both would be £80 for fronts for instance.
I tell my customers that I charge per side so they can have the option to do the fronts on one clean and the backs on my next visit or when its next convenient for them
Window Cleaning Issues / Re: Cherry pickers - do you use them
« Last post by Smudger on Today at 07:00:02 pm »
Only buy one if you also want to hire it out for another income stream but with insurance and inspections it will get pricey

cherry pickers are on hire from £80 per day - just depends on how high you want to go

on average we use 20m spider lift at £230 + vat per day ( and travel charge )

Window Cleaning Issues / Re: Pricing for cleaning FSG
« Last post by Reflections south west on Today at 06:53:34 pm »
I am in the east midlands and was asked to give a price for cleaning a 2 bed detached bungalow windows.
Gave a price and got the job, was asked to price for FSG clean too, I said I will give a price when I finish the windows.
Windows were filthy from last weeks snow, I cleaned the frames, mopped the panes, wiped around the edges with a cloth, squeegeed of the water and dried the edges with a microfibre cloth, the way I always do it.
The woman knocked on the window and pointed out a dry mark around the edge of the pane, I smiled and used the microfibre again.

She literally follwed me around every window, so I double checked no smears were left.

I was going to price the FSG at £3 a meter but decided on £4 for her, I know I wont get it or the windows again. 17 meters of FSG so quoted £75.

A neighbour saw me doing them and asked for the same, quote for windows, got it, quote for FSG, 33 meters, I thought £100 sounded too much so quoted £85, she was surprised how high I was charging.
I wont get it, may get windows again but only when she has guests coming.

So what do you guys charge for FSG per meter?

We donít charge per meter for a 3 bed semi modern not Victorian around 65 +10 for Windows takes about 1:5 hours tops , we do dozens of them , 3 bed dorma detached bungalow from 100 + windows , 5 bed detached house from 175 upwards dependant on size
Window Cleaning Issues / Slx47 for sale in sale section.
« Last post by Mick Kent on Today at 06:48:22 pm »
Be quick guys.
Only used 3 times, in great condition.
Selling as not needed.
Its basically a new pole.
No offers £450

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