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Window Cleaning Forum / Re: Great gloves
« Last post by zesty on Today at 11:22:33 am »
Yep, been using them for years, warm and waterproof, Great gloves.
Hard Floor Cleaning Forum / Kevin Martin / Tiling logistics
« Last post by Kev Martin on Today at 10:52:34 am »
This is Kevin's son (Antony) feels a little strange typing this from dads profile but can't remember my log in details of my own.

It is with a heavy heart that Kevin passed away on the 10th of November 2023 surrounded by his family. This was due to his Cancer which over the last 3months took over his body rapidly he fought to the very end! I know he thoroughly enjoyed coming onto forums like this over the years and helping were he could and whoever he could.

I sadly will only be checking in now and again when time permits. However should any of you require any advice anything stone/tile related I am available my Mobile is 07795968413 or you can contact me on

Kind Regards


General Cleaning Forum / Re: Non slip porcelain kitchen floor tiles
« Last post by Kev Martin on Today at 10:43:34 am »
Hello this is Kevin's son (Antony) he passed away on 10th November.

Anyway your issue will mainly be due to the finish of the porcelain you can obviously naturally clean it with something like Faber Deterfug or change the profile to make it easier to maintain

ABR 600 if its matt finish if it's polished then

Porcelain Restoration cream which can then be aded to for a higher polished finish like star shine easy
Window Cleaning Forum / Re: Starling banking app
« Last post by Clean Cloth on Today at 08:41:38 am »
I wonder why you no longer get notifications.

I only bought a smart phone so that I could use the Starling app so am not all that familiar with it.
I am on PAYG with 1p and it appears that I do get mobile data, thanks.
Window Cleaning Forum / Great gloves
« Last post by kikjason on Today at 07:11:47 am »

Very good good gloves used them yesterday for  first day...£4.29 very warm and waterproof  from screwfix bargain
Window Cleaning Forum / Re: Starling banking app
« Last post by CleanClear on Yesterday at 10:20:53 pm »
I am notified straight away whether I am at home with wifi or out at work where I assume I am not connected to the internet,

And just to clarify this point, if you are out at work where you 'assume you're not connected to the internet' . Then you really need to understand your phone/contract and whats happening. Most phone/contracts now include 'data'.. so short story is when you are not on your home wifi, you do have mobile data for internet access, or probably do.
Window Cleaning Forum / Re: Starling banking app
« Last post by CleanClear on Yesterday at 10:15:00 pm »
I have a Starling bank account too, probably same dance as you App on my phone. And like you say... its sends a 'ping' when you get a payment. Or used to, its never done this now for over a year. No idea whats changed, i've never changed my notification settings. Short answer is no i don't get notifications anymore.
Window Cleaning Forum / Re: Autoglym
« Last post by CleanClear on Yesterday at 10:11:16 pm »
I was cleaning for a regular a few months ago and noticed the kitchen window sill a bit dirtier than normal , gave it a scrub and gave the window a scrub and noticed like a waterproof coating now on the window and on my brush, couldnít get it off so proceeded to the next window (using a brand new flocked brush). Next window sill even worse than the previous so I knocked on the door. ĎHave you put something on your sills? Because I canít get it off?í
Her -Ďno ???í
Husband arrives , asked him the same - Ďoh yeah I put Vaseline on all the window sillís because Iím fed up of my cat sitting on the sills after youíve cleaned themí
Me Ď well I canít clean them now and itís ruined my brush , youíll have to clean it off with hot water or I wonít be able to clean them againí
I couldnít believe itÖ..

You'll need to educate him on the benefits of KY Gel . Better for him, you, the environment and your brush.
Window Cleaning Forum / Re: Christmas
« Last post by KS Cleaning on Yesterday at 09:10:00 pm »
£30 today!(3 x £10 tips)taking my total  to £69 already and it's not even Dec yet!🙂
Whatís the conversion rate with the Christmas cards? 😆
Used Equipment For Sale/Wanted / Mighty Atom sky vac for sale brand new motor
« Last post by tatman on Yesterday at 09:09:40 pm »
Mighty Atom sky vac with new motor fitted yesterday. Comes with brand new floor cleaning attachments and 4 used suction poles some taped. Comes with hoses etc. £400.  Also have a numactic wet vac used as an industrial gutter vac 110v with 5ka transformer. Works fine bit of wear etc on vac. Good for site work. Willing to sell both vacs and transformer for £650. Or offers on numactic on its own
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