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General Cleaning Forum / Re: Biocide help
« Last post by nathankaye on Today at 02:17:08 pm »
Seems they dont like the price haha. Constantly texting me about others in the area who will benefit from it as well etc etc up until they receive the text after visiting and speaking to them. (I sent text later as head was a shed, due to illness)
Funny, I've not heard anything back
My RO kicks out 002 but I still use resin , before RO I was using a bag a month most of the time , now I get about 5 L a year  ;D
For the cost itís not worth cutting corners !
Window Cleaning Forum / Re: trad v wfp
« Last post by Small but perfectley formed on Today at 01:34:41 pm »
Get it done John.
I bought a Trad round few months ago has a Bolt on to a round nearby.
What I ball ache can't believe I cleaned like this for 20 years.
Any one Trad cleaning deserves a medal it's so inefecient.
"Phone System" - can you expand a bit on that?

Is this how you pre-qualify leads.

We've started emailing terms and conditions before we do the work and leaving a copy on the first cleans.

Richard iSparkle's words are wise.

I've been through the mill on having bad customers and if growth is your mission, then it is way better to grow at a measured pace, and with quality customers only. Otherwise you end up working like a slave for zero profit.
Window Cleaning Forum / Re: Hot water problems
« Last post by Dave Willis on Today at 12:37:29 pm »
If you have a marina nearby then a good boat engineer will most likely have the diagnostic equipment for a Webasto.
Servicing although simple (usually they coke up) certainly wonít be cheap.
Window Cleaning Forum / Re: Winter Canvassing
« Last post by Oliver James on Today at 12:15:28 pm »
I lose a lot of the potential customers, about 40% of them, because I insist they set up a DD before we do the work.

On the upside, I do at least have a solid cashflow from the customers we get on board, and I don't ever have to chase payment after I've got the mandate set up.

I've decreased the prices on 3 beds and increased the prices on 5 bed houses for this year and started offering a 6 weekly option.

One sale  per hour is good going...  :)
Used Equipment For Sale/Wanted / Re: Oreck orbiter £125
« Last post by poles apart on Today at 12:15:17 pm »
Where are you based?
Window Cleaning Forum / Re: Winter Canvassing
« Last post by Gomo on Today at 12:02:05 pm »
I've not down much canvassing but when I have I used to average about 1 customer an hour.

1 in 3/4 hours is that because of your pricing do you think? I suspect you would be way higher than average in your area?
All cleaning related documents / Re: Cleaning Proposal Form
« Last post by *Hector* on Today at 11:50:18 am »
Yup, just building up to a huge rant at these scrounging buggers who just want something that doesn't even exist......

Carpet Cleaning Forum / Re: Upholstery Cleaning
« Last post by Craigp on Today at 11:18:21 am »
You can watch me clean a dirty sofa arm here >

Upholstery is really down to elbow grease, pre-spray, agitate, rinse, then again and again if it's really dirty.
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