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Carpet cleaning when set up and running regularly bringing in work can have a ceiling then you look at expanding into 2 vans but the 2 van scenario doesnít earn you double even though your turnover may increase the profit is probably far less then what you think Iíve been there.

My brother in law sells and renovates snooker tables a £6k table will make him 50% he can sell and install one in a day finding customers is harder but he does 1-2 a week thereís quite a bit of planning when installing but you can see what Iím getting at.


with facebook its what you are not seeing. direct post to your customer from your database you uploaded as a facebook audience. plus you dont want to be talking to EVERYONE but building relationships with people that know and trust you.

its cheap, and providing you have offers and a good range of services the time will come when their need matches up with one of your offers. They already know you so no prices residence this time around.

The only reason they call other cleaners is because they dont have your number and you did a poor job of reminding them about how awesome you are.


David Coker:
I've been cleaning carpets since 1985 and last week was my busiest week for about thirty years. All residential work, we don't clean commercial.  And we are the most expensive in the area by far.

So yes, there's plenty of money still in carpet cleaning providing you don't target Facebook type customers.

Mr Dvae:
If you know how to practise 'value-building' then you can sell carpet cleaning for any price you choose.


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