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Barry Petrie:
Hi guys, looking for some new business info, is carpet cleaning a good business, if you get marketing correct, proper training and if you can get the work, is carpet cleaning a good business to be in, I already run a ltd company for various things, I I'm looking at adding carpet cleaning to my existing services

Any advice would be appreciated


If I had to do it all again and for the start up costs for decent equipment and ROI and earning potential nope Iíd do something completely different.

Mike Halliday:
I left the carpet cleaning industry as I think itís going down the drain, I certainly would start up in carpet cleaning now given the knowledge I have of the industry.

Facebook has killed it dead with the 3 rooms for £50 brigade.

Find something else to invest your money in

Hi Mike and Shaun, yes I have seen some of the offers on Facebook, even 3 carpets for £75, how can anybody survive or even grow a business with these rates, Iím basically looking for as much advice as people are willing to give so I can make up my mind as where to add carpet cleaning to my business, there is definitely  demand for it in my area as I see people looking all the time for carpet cleaning, I will probably arrange a course soon to see if I can get my head around the various chemicals, I have  coshh certification already so Iím probably half way there already,


Mike Halliday:
If you already have a database of customers to market the carpet cleaning to then you might have viable business especially if the are at the higher end of the market and are willing to pay a high price (for quality work)

There is a demand everywhere for carpet cleaners but that doesnít mean they are willing to pay top prices, if theyíve been condition to the 3 for £60 advertising on Facebook itís hard to convince them to pay more.

You need high end customers to make it pay


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