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Always get a deep observation of their service duration, and their commitment time, late comers and slow snails should be given a goodbye note.
Check the professionalism of their staff and their cleaning equipments, and solutions. Do they put on gloves, and masks while doing service at your home?
Look for their professional organization, coordination, proper hygiene maintenance, their supplies, and their disposable method all indicates their system in place.
Keep an eye on the kind of service you needed, cross-check if they are offering it and how specialized they are in it, their discount offers, and special offers.
If you are living in a family with kids, and pets then are cautious about the cleaning products of the cleaning agency. Make sure that they are using non-toxic right products with high quality.
Your cleaning staff should take care of the delicate items in your home, accidents are inevitable but if they occur continuously then itís better to change your cleaning agency.