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Vacuum cleaner recommendations?

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Mike Halliday:
I have a tub vac and find it brilliant, the hose is about 20ft long so I can do a Full room without moving it. With a stiff head I can really scrub the carpet to loosen all the dirt, itís hard on the shoulders but much more aggressive than an upright.

Itís an industrial one (forgot its name) but the suction is much more than an average upright vacuum

Ive got a Kirby here if you want it £25 !

Mind you, with a decent TM, you won't need a vacuum  ;D

Sebo BS 36
if your going to do a professional job then at least have the equipment that looks the part

Emil Dinev:
I have had a karcher cv48 for a few years now and I rate it higher than sebo. Suction is much better and the bag cover is at the front so you can change bags without having to unwind the power lead. The only downside I find is fitting vacuum bags on is a hard work due to how the have made the plastic orifice and clip. All in all a great vacuum cleaner, mind you it's not cheap.


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