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Vacuum cleaner recommendations?

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Gogpre Launch:
I am needing a new vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning. I am currently considering a eufy robovac 11 carpet,
I think it's the Rotator Pro, says it is actually 3 vacuums in one.
Does anyone here have one of these?
Do you like it?

Get something that your customers won't have, and which they perceive to be professional, like a Sebo BS36 or 46, or any well made solid thing like a secondhand Kirby.

I have a BS36 and a Kirby.....sometimes think the Kirby is going to suck the whole carpet in......great on carpet tiles and with the turbo zip brush.

Kirby’s are overly expensive but sell for a fraction of the price on eBay

Robin Ray:
The sebo Dart is a good vacuum, its what I use, i've had three and will buy one again. I had a go with a Shark the other day... wasn't impressed to be honest.


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