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What I'm selling here isn't a round as such, it's a list of potential window cleaning customers.
We've had a mainly Southampton based round for about 13 years, and within the last half a year or so, we have dropped some customers from our books since we don't have time for them, in the sense that we either have to chase up payments, or they keep re-booking their cleans.

However, if you're willing to put up with that, then I have a list of 85 potential customers for sale - with a turnover of £1262 a month (they are all cleaned on a monthly basis).
All these people really appreciate having a window cleaner. Some may even accept a price increase.

This list includes the addresses, postcodes, and prices of them.

None of them need to be texted the night before, or otherwise contacted in advance. Please bear in mind that none regularly had extras (I.E. gutter cleans) but may have such once every 2 or 3 years.

Naturally, as some haven't been done in quite a few months, they will need you to knock them prior to any cleans in order to instate yourself as their window cleaner.

I am open to any reasonable offers - in or around the face value of the monthly turnover I previously mentioned.


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Is this a joke  ???
You dumped the customers and now your selling their details on , not even knowing that they’ve probably gone with some other  window cleaner 😂😂😂😂
85 dog $hite gardens , 85 not today thanks , 85 il pay you next month . Someone’s gotta be desperate to buy this

Jay Le Huray

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will £1 buy it??


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They aren't that bad
Some might need just a simple call-back in order to get the money - for example they work 9 to 5, and we work during daylight hours, and call back in the evening to pick up the cash or cheques.
But we don't have time for that anymore.

johnny bravo

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what are you doing now 4 work,   clean them again to see what customers are there to be cleaned,  they may have someone else doing them

Jay Le Huray

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yes indeed why not go back to them and clean them, get them back on your books that way you will have something solid to sale


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well we know that they don't have anyone else, because they are either in the same roads as our current customers, or we drive past them - and we can see that they aren't getting done (or at least they aren't getting done properly, or frequently enough)

Really we want to focus our time on our main customers, as compared to to-ing and fro-ing, hence why we wish to sell this off

Jay Le Huray

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well buddy I think you're backing a non runner then cos no one will buy a list of maybes for the amount you are asking for


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Well as I said I'm open to offers - but I don't mean stupid ones like £1.


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ive thought of doing this  ;D

You are not actually selling a round or a guarantee of customer base. All you are selling is 85 leads and as far as leads go these are not great ones but they probably have a small value to anyone willing to phone them all or canvass the doors as they have shown they have at least an interest in having a window cleaner in the past.

I reckon the downside is you are probably breaking all sorts of data protection law by selling or passing these on.

Maybe someone will be willing to take a punt for £100 or something but really the value is very little certainly not 1x the clean value unless you are offering some sort of guarantee ?

As said above if you get some back on the books you could flog them for 5x or whatever, at least they will have some value that way.

Lets face it if they have been dropped they are likely poope customers, i have a big list of ex customers, 600+ of them and the vast majority were dumped for good reason.

Daddy Seal

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Feel free to give me a call on 07928 648604 if you looking to discuss making use of this.



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Hi. Still available. After reviewing our books, we added a few onto this list, and the total value now stands at £1500, in the form of 95 jobs (although there is a big one done once/twice a year).

As someone said before, all these are all leads you can canvass the doors, and get potential customers.

Any reasonable offers will be considered.

The reason for any inactivity on this thread was because I was off work for some time.