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Richard @ Wcs

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Victor spares available at WCSUK
« on: February 08, 2017, 02:12:47 pm »
Hello again, it has been a little while since my last post so i hope everyone is well.

We may have all noticed the Victor  (Dowding & Plummer) have been very hard to get hold of recently and sadly may have ceased trading however nothing has been confirmed as of yet. I know they have been a long established business and i do wish the best to them and all of their employees.

As a result we have seen an increase in the number of customers looking for suppliers that stock Victor Spares, many of whom have asked us.

AND YES indeed we do sell spare parts for the Victor machines. Please see the following list of parts including product codes, descriptions and prices. All the prices exclude VAT and delivery. At the time of writing this article all the parts are in stock and  are current lines. The parts we supply are non-genuine spares but are all based on the Victor originals so are a like for like and work with the machines and accessories.

For the Victor D9 we offer parts for original 38mm size as well as conversions to 32mm

Kit35 (1 x 32mm Floor tool, 1 x 2m 32mm Hose complete hose, 2 x 32mm extensions tubes) -£22.19
HC439 (1 x 2m 32mm complete hose with 37mm bent end) - £8.99
HE475A (1 x Victor D9 Machine End) - £7.00
BT401A (1 x Bent end) - £3.02
BT401 (1 x Bent end with screw body and click ring) - £3.29
FL502 (1 x Floor Tool) - £6.91
TU4116 (2 x 38mm extension tubes) - £3.60
BA487X (V9 & D9 Paper bags pk10) - £5.48
MT305 (1 x 240V Victor D9 DAF Vac Motor) - £47.63

For the Victor V9 we offer the original 32mm size only.

HE460 (1 x Machine end with screw body and click ring) - £2.94
HE460A (1 x Machine end only) - £2.21
KIT14 (1 x Floor tool, 2 x extension tubes, 1 x 2m 32mm hose complete) - £19.12
HC11 (1 x 2m 32mm hose compete) - £12.08
BA487X (V9 & D9 Paper bags pk10) - £5.48
MT13 (1 x Victor V9 lite Motor) - £78.46
FL506 (1 x Free Flo Floor Tool) - £9.53
FL510 (1 x Wessel Werk Floor Tool) - £11.68
FL500 (1 x Economy floor tool 32mm) - £4.35
FL519 (1 x 32mm dusting brush) - £3.63
FL512 (1 x 32mm crevice Tool) -£1.07
NU10 (1 x 32mm Chrome bend with bleed, 2 x 32mm extension tubes) - £8.69

Victor 300
BE1118 (Drive belt) - £13.14
BP776 (Shampoo Brush) - £91.86
BP775 (Poly Scrub Brush - £89.26
BP778 (Bone/Bassine brush) - £80.21
BP779 (Drive Pad) - £48.99
EL618 (20m lead) - £28.15
EL617 (15m Lead) - £16.92
EL616 (10m Lead) - £14.41

Victor 400

BP785 (Drive pad) - £55.34
BP782 (Polish Brush) - £64.17
BP781 (Shampoo Brush) - £63.03
BP780 (Poly scrub brush) - £58.43
EL618 (20m lead) - £28.15
EL617 (15m Lead) - £16.92
EL616 (10m Lead) - £14.41

Victor 450

BP789 (Polish Brush) - £67.54
BP787 (Shampoo Brush) - £55.39
BP791 (Drive pad) - £68.86
BP786 (Poly scrub brush) - £58.43
EL618 (20m lead) - £28.15
EL617 (15m Lead) - £16.92
EL616 (10m Lead) - £14.41

As and when I find parts or Iím able to source other Victor spares I will update this list for everyone.
I do believe all these parts are available to see on our website just search the product codes above on Please feel free to ask question if you require any further information.
Thank you for taking the time to read my Victor spares post.
Worldwide Cleaning Support Ltd.
P: 01279 422 220
A: Dorrington Farm, Rye Hill Road, Harlow, Essex, CM18 7JF