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Kevin Miller

  • Posts: 260
I think it would really benifit the forum if we had a separate section for services such as cleaning gutters, soffits and facias and conservatory roofs. Also add clearing gutters to this section. Reason for this I find when people are posting about these services it mixed between either the General cleaning section or in the window cleaning forum. As someone who cleaned drives I was always looking in the General cleaning section for that type of cleaning, it was only by chance I found a wealth of information in the window cleaning section as people on there do it as a add on service. Also I think it would be good to have it all in one place instead of having to search 2 different sections. Possibly make a separate section called Add On Services or roofline cleaning. Just a suggestion.

Andrew Griffiths

  • Posts: 38

2nd that Kevin.

Gutter cleaning is becoming more and more popular as add ons.