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Posted by lindsey (lindsey), 8 November 2003
I am currently setting up a new "One off and spring cleaning" company in Essex but I am not sure what level of insurance is required or how much it might cost. I am intending to do mostly domestic homes but maybe also care homes and commercial. Can anyone provide any info or recommend suitable insurers?  
I would be grateful of any little snippet...

Many thanks

Lindsey Smiley
Limebrook House
Posted by jake (jake), 8 November 2003

I would think public liability insurance for office and domestic cleaning would suffice. You would be insured for a 1000000. We are insured with M M A and it costs us 130 a year, although I'm sure you could get it cheaper.

Jake (westclean)
Posted by admin (Forum Admin), 8 November 2003
on 11/08/03 at 20:10:29, Peterdirector wrote:
Hi Lindsey It all depend on how many staff you employ its about 2 million Pounds but you best talk to these people at

Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 9 November 2003
Have you tried getting a online quote , just type in insurance and you should get quite a few companys then pick one that does online quotes ,  you have to fill in all your details ,I did this with my public liability cover and saved  45 but you have to shop around  Cool
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 9 November 2003
Darwin Clayton are worth a go as they have always given good quotes for cleaning contractors.

Hope this helps Wink


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