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5 reasons to choose a truckmount


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Truckmounts are the rule not the exception in the USA. Cleaning businesses buy into this technology because it's easy to use and faster than anything else available. The Brits have some way to catch up.
The fact is people are put off buying a truckmount because of the cost but here are 5 good reasons you should think twice about getting one.

1) They're more affordable than you think. You don't have to buy one outright if you cant justify the initial purchase price. There are many finance options available for as little as 6 per day and you can earn as much as 1600 cleaning 2000 sq m per week.

2) They clean faster. New truckmount owners find they have more time on their hands and can confidently quote for the larger jobs others simply cant handle.

3) Indoor air quality is improved. Who cares? Your customers do! Some customers are now specifying products and services that are environmentally conscious.

4) They clean more effectively. Even a top of the range twin vacuum portable falls far short of the power delivered by the smallest petrol driven truckmount.

5) Sales and profits rise. Because they generate more vacuum pressure and heat, truckmounts simply clean better and faster than you could possibly imagine.

Still not convinced - speak to one the the growing number of truckmount operators who would never go back to a portable!

for those that might be interested i think prochem are running special offers at the moment but im not sure if you have to go through dealers nowadays (i bought mine direct but didnt get any discount!!!!!)

which unit have you got?

If you are really serious about a truck mount have a look at  We are running two of their units. I bought the first one in 1985 ............ yes 18 years ago and it's just coming up to replacement time now. They are 240v, quiet, can go portable when required for banks etc. They are distributed by a Crawley based company in the uk - no doubt there will be details on the parent company site. Also while you are at it why not check out He has some interesting carpetcleaning marketing ideas. The best kit in the world is no use if you ain't got the business!!

I have just picked up a copy of Prochem cleaning specialist and they ae have a special offer on TMs until the end of this year. The new Everest dual operator TM has 20% off and you get a free automatic pump out. The machine looks good! :)


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