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Please upload your documents here
« on: November 19, 2004, 06:26:17 pm »
We've been asked on numerous occasions to provide an area for people to share documents.

Please feel feel to use this area to upload relevent images and pdf documents that others may use.

If you wish to upload any other type of document (a Microsoft Word document for example) please email it to where it will be converted to pdf for others to use.

J. Deans

Basic Health & Safety Policy. New
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2007, 09:41:52 am »
Ok. You've waited almost 3 years for a document!
Here's one...

Remember, this is very basic. It is only to give you a vague idea of what is required. It is also aimed at working on construction sites, so you should adapt to suit your own situation. The author and the poster accepts no responsibilty bla bla bla...


[Business Name here] policy is to manage its activities to ensure the safety, good health and welfare at work, of all its employees and to comply with all the relevant provisions of the law in this respect.

The business will endeavour to:

Provide and maintain all tools and equipment to a safe state and minimise risk.
Provide arrangement for the safe use, handling, storage of articles and substances necessary to the business.
Provide information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure the health and safety at work of all employees, public, animals and property.
Provide and ensure working environments that are as safe as possible to prevent risk to health.
Provide medical, cleaning and washing facilities where applicable to all employees.

All employees have a responsibility to:

Take responsible care of the safety of themselves and other persons, animals and property that may be affected by their actions at work.
Co-operate with their employers and other authorised persons to enable statutory provisions to be enforced.
To communicate recommendations or requests concerning issues of health and safety to their employers or other interested or affected persons.

On Site:

The Cleaning Technician will report, as appropriate on arrival to site, to security personnel or to an authorised manager or representative.  Returning technicians should inform such authorities of the site areas they intend to visit during their stay and an approximate of the expected duration of their stay, in order that they may be accounted for in an emergency.  First time visitors should comply with any Induction or safety training required by any such site.  In any event, the technician should take note of and comply with safety signs, safety instructions and any rules for contractors working on any particular site.

In General:

Any breach of health and safety rules, business or statutory, will be viewed seriously and may result in disciplinary action.

[Business Name here] has Public and Products Liability Insurance up to £5 million, and Employers Liability Insurance to a minimum of £10 million affected through Xxxxxxx Insurance Ltd.

Any suggestions to improve the business’s health and safety measures are most welcome and will always be given careful consideration.

EMPLOYEES:  please sign to say that you have read and understand our health and safety policy.

SIGN……………………..…  PRINT……………………………  DATE…..…./……../…..…