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Ivo Orbi Pro
Any one have experience using this tool on stairs or upholstery ? Are they any better than a standard right angle drill. Example easier to use, superior finish etc.
Thanks in advance for any input.

Why do people need to complicate such a simple cleaning process? ???

The finish is nothing to do with the appliance you use , it's how you use it

Why pay for a name , a angle drill will do exactly the same

So thats one for an angle drill so far.

Definitely go for the right angled drill instead - its all the Pro is.

I have the Milwaukee 12v right angle battery one, perfectly good on torque and variable speed, you can normally get a good deal on them with twin batteries.

The Ivo range isn't all that - the cheaper version they do used to be sold by UK sellers on eBay for less than 30 delivered - the exact same China made product without the Ivo badge.


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