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Thinking about starting a carpet cleaning Business

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Supreme clean window cleaning:
Hello I have been doing window cleaning for the last 12 years and have done very well in the past. But have torn my two front Arteries going to my brain making me very Sick over the past three months , and itís going to take six months to heal. Iíve have employed staff now to do the windows and am looking at starting a new Business carpet cleaning Iím looking at going on training courses and buying the best kit to start with i was wondering is there enough work out there to make it full time I have a large customer base of over 800 with the windows so hoping to get a few from that.  If any of you could help me on the best machines to buy and some tips to bring in the work I would really appreciate these three months have been hell so stressful as have family to provide for but canít do the windows any more because not allowed to look up and donít fancy going back to the windows full time again in case it happens again. Many thanks Matt👍

Mike Halliday:
I was a carpet cleaner for about 20yrs before deciding that I no longer wanted to offer that service, now I would never advice anyone to start a in carpet cleaning.

2 reasons, the knowledge required to offer a premium service that allows you to charge a premium price is just to hard to acquire. The vast amount of carpet & fibre  types is huge manufactures are producing crap that is made for appearance rather than its ability to be cleaned a minefield for an inexperienced operator, the only place in the industry now is for the new starter is as a cheap  Ďmiss mopí cleaner who does a bit of everything. You cannot train other people to a standard required to make good money

Secondly Facebook has created an army of idiots who will clean 4 rooms for £60 or full house for £90, they do poo work for crap moneyÖ.. (but think they are kings of the industry)  but even worse you get the idiot homeowners who use them and think you get a good job for £20

Not the answer you want but my honest opinion,

Hi supreme clean, and Mike, I have been carpet cleaning for 40 years and have made a pretty good living, but unfortunately not enough to pay vast amounts into a pension, So consequently at the ripe old age of 72 I am still working but may I say still enjoying it, and will continue as long as the body holds up, As for whether you should take up carpet cleaning? Yes add it to your window cleaning but for god's sake stick to carpets leave upholstery alone it can be a minefield, also it is important to not only have public liability insurance which is a legal requirement but you will also need product liability for the item you are working on should things go tits up, And as a footnote keep your charges reasonable as you in that respect are a new boy on the block, if you get a taste for carpet cleaning and want to further your experience there are many training courses you can take to improve your knnowledge pricing and profits, good luck, regards Ted

Supreme clean window cleaning:
Thanks for your replyís Iím going to go for it Iím hard working and a fast learner going to go on loads of training courses and get the best machine money can buy really need this because donít want to go back to windows and got my employees making me a ok wage off the windows which covers all my bills so everything else I make is a bonus what do people think of the air flex storm fully loaded machine are they any good many thanks Matt 👍

Top machine,
You won't be disappointed if you choose one!


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