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Glenn Braiden

  • Posts: 8
My business was established in 1979 and I'm still heavily involved in the work and feel that, coming up to 61 now, it's time to slow down! Most of my contracts I've had for over 20 years and some for over 30 years! Nice mix of early morning and daytime contracts. My Wife runs the office from home (no more than 10 hours a week) , 2 full timers with vans  and 1 part timer. Turnover 100k plus p.a. without VAT of rolling contracts. Plenty of equipment as you'd expect after all this time! Profit margin I'd say 30-40% ( Wifey's on a full time wage!)
My apologies to those who showed an interest in this before, I wasnít notified of any responses to the ad and stopped checking after a while. Rest assured Iíll be logging in daily from now on.
Just testing the waters, any advice for brokers that anyone's used to sell their business would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance