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Chester Services:
Hi and good morning to you all.  I am now 71 and finally retiring from this amazing carpet & upholstery cleaning business after 15 years of swinging the steel.
Registered in 2007 and still going strong even throughout the dreaded covid. So all must go, my reliable and faithful van "Rene" " (my Renault traffic) and "the Nina twins" my two Ninja machines including 2 x brand new unwrapped vacuum motors bought of Ashby's I keep as spares. plus all the hoses, tooling etc.
My question to you all is do I let it all go as a fully equipped running business or break it all down and sell individually. The business known as Chester Services has the same transferrable mobile number that is known by many domestic and commercial returning customers built up over 15 years and rings daily.
Your opinions will help me make my decision. Thank you in advance. And all your input will be appreciated.

Sell the business as a going concern :D

edward coller:
in my opinion it would be better to sell as abusiness,i  think this would achieve a better price, and less  hassle. However, as sole traders the business is really ourselves,our contact,and trust built between us and customers, rather than a brand or major capital equipment, which has probably been written down  by your accountant over the years. I think selling as a going concern and  perhaps offering to work alongside the new owner could be a good selling point. Whatever,  hoping you get a good price and enjoy the future minus the wand!


when the guys are saying business they mean your database. that's where any value is, not the equipment. so you will need to quote numbers. and then we can give you a estimate of the value of your "business"

Good luck with the sale. I have bought out two guys over the years and it was worth every penny.




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