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John Martin - please tell me this isn't yours!!


John - just saw this. You like tinkering like me, when I saw this I thought it'd make you laugh!

Got to give credit for some of the engineering, but I think it may lack in the safety department!!

john martin:
ah no     ;D    what did he do   , thats hilarious

He took the waste tank of some tiny portable and literally bolted a motor to each side  ...   
Nicely balanced at least  :D     it would do the job but id imagine the airflow in the tiny tank would have water blowing through the vacs fairly quick , and than with the dual side exit exhausts i can picture a spray of waste water shooting out inside the house
And then the 1600psi pump to flush the carpet good  ... 
and the line about it being designed with women or the elderly in mind   ;D

I know!!

Finely placed gaffer tape as well!


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