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Hi Im wondering if anyone can suggest some carpet cleaning courses that would suit my wife. She has been shadowing me for the last 6 weeks and has picked it up really well. However before she goes out on her own or picks up bad habits from me, I would like her to have some training under the belt. Were based in Portsmouth. Thanks.

Who taught you , then why not the same

Solutions in Cornwall, whilst very good id like somewhere different so she can maybe bring something different back.
I just want to see other options, as when I was trained I was only registered to one forum and was told solutions was good which it was but now feel the forum was maybe a little biased.

Allan Oven Sheen:
Alltec, run good coures.

Who's near to you , or willing to travel
Solutions is good so i'm told but as you say it's biased

Have a look at prochem see what they offer


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