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FAO John Martin - Wattage!

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Hi John

Hopefully you'll see this.

Is it possible to restrict the wattage of a vacuum motor? As in I'm tinkering at the moment and have 2x 1500 watt motors and an on demand pump on one cord. It's probably just over the 13 amps and I was wondering if there was an inline module of some type that would limit the wattage of one of the motors to bring it down so I'm not quite so close?

john martin:
I have a habit of checking here anyway .
I haven't tinkered with my machines for about a year   , il wait for something to break again and that will get me going .   
I got a 30 year old TVR  , there's way more to go wrong than a portable   :D

Il see if i can spot a module , i have never really looked into that  , but u should see if you really need it in practice .  Another way to lower current draw is by restriction  ,  if you look at an amp meter while using your machine its going to drop while  cleaning  , fluctuate  , so its not like a steady 15amps the whole time .
Personally i would try it and see if your plug gets warm  , if not no problems .   As long as your plug connections and  general wiring  are fresh i dont think you'll notice any issue .

john martin:
perhaps this

Thanks John, that's what I'd found, looks like a voltage controller

I think it's ok as it is but just trying to be careful

From what I understand the single socket is designed to withstand 14 amps constantly and you are right, it's more about the plug on the machine and wiring to it.

I'll maybe just get some 2.5mm cable on the machine and heavy duty plug and keep my eye on it

And TVR - lovely!! I was told TVR stands for Trevor, the bloke who designed them, is that right?

john martin:
  Trevor indeed  ...   although some say it stands for Tow Vehicle Required or  Total Vehicle Restoration

yeah , dont think you'll have problem as long as its not a big motor pump with the vacs .


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