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Do leaflets work?

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Do leaflets work?

We’re always telling cleaners on our network that leaflets don’t work because that has been our experience – but do they work for you? Can anyone prove us wrong?

Do you print and deliver 10,000 leaflets in your area and then sit back and wait for the phone to ring?

Are there still people who do not scoop up all the leaflets that come through the door and plonk them straight in the bin? (except the pizza ones)

We don’t think there are but if we are wrong – please let us know.

Leaflets dont work anymore, total waste of time and money. only marketing that work is by word of mouth and after every satisfactory clean, ask them to review you on google.

Sorry guys but leaflets do work , if you put out enough then its a good return 10,000 should return 10 jobs at an average job ticket of £80 /£100 , you do the maths

BTW take it you've never ordered a curry from that leaflet you got through the door 

Sure Mike Halliday will agree he's the king of leaflets

Jonathan Evans:
It has been my experience that they do work.
But they depend on 3 things
1 type of leaflet
2 quantity of leaflet
3 consistency of delivery.

Plus patience some leaflets turn up months even years later.

Max M:
They work, but need to be the right leaflet and if using a company trust that they are delivered


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