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Richard @ Wcs:
Hello all.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying this hot spell.

Recently we have started advertising in the Cleaning Matters magazine. I understand everyone doesn't subscribe or buy this publication so i will like to keep you up to date with the articles that we features.

Within May we ran two articles.

The first one is a big step for the business. Earlier this year our business had a internal management change; we saw the business take on a new leader.
John Elmore the Managing Director has recognised the important role his son James Elmore plays within the business. James has been promoted to take on the role of managing the business on a day to day basis. Meanwhile John is still in the picture but he is able to now focus on planning the way forward for the business. 
Please see my article below, alternatively you can see all our articles and more at

Richard @ Wcs:
The second article came in the form of a case study. Focusing on our newly developed and on going truck mounted bespoke pressure washer. This is a project at the heart of our company, something we can all get involved within and are happy to do so.  This is a on going project that continues to develop each time a new customer calls up with their specification.
We look forward to sharing more success stories with you in the future.

Or head to for the digital copy.



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