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Boris - PM of the people.:
Is it intentional that non members can now view the forum?


Boris - PM of the people.:
Any particular reasoning behind the change?

I don't particularly care (I stand by my tripe) but surely some other members would prefer that their customers didn't have access to some of the tripe they post?

Mike Halliday:
This is a copy of a reply  I gave in the moderators section....

'Until recently if a non member logged onto CIU. They would just see a log in or join  page, they would not be able to read any of the sections. Now if people log in the can read all the sections apart from the general section.

This is actually better as it opens up the forum to google bots who can index the pages, so it will give backlinks if you list your website but also could show results on Google searches for information you might not like to be public'

So like you say members who post crap could have it read by members of the public, but as they tend to do it under an alias they won't be bothered

‘Members who post crap’.

This is a forum for professionals, where on earth did the idea that crap is posted on here come from?

I feel quite dirty now, oh, the thought of it.


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