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tim handley:
cmon guys, lets have a personal message facility??????    i hope im not missing something, but there seems to be no way i can contact another member via pm,  so, do we have to put our personal phone numbers etc etc on open forum??   wassup????

Not speaking for forum admin but there were pm's in the dim and dismal past but the view was they were abused.

A) By clandestinely advertising other forums and personal products.
B) Abusive messages and veiled threats being sent. I believe a female member of the forum was "stalked" tho' that may not have been just personal messaging.

So it was stopped.

Shame really it was spoiled by a few  as would be a nice add-on to have back

tim handley:
can admin not simply monitor pms (like the other forum)   and as soon as somebody abuses it, they get a warning,  then if they do it again, they are off????

Rich Wilts:
They're not private then. It's an atrocious suggestion to be honest.


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