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A separate drive washing thread

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Almost all the posts on the general cleaning thread are from pressure washers, its time for a section of their own.

Martin  8)

Mike Halliday:
Martin I agree,  i will ask on the moderators section if this could be set up

Thanks mike

Mike Halliday:
This is the reply from the admin about setting up a separate section for pressure washing....

As far as a pressure washing section we need to be careful as we don't want too many sections
as the forum would get split up too much and becomes very complicated especially to a new user.
Your thoughts and input here are very valuable so any ideas/thoughts please feel free.


Maybe the other sections of the 'general cleaning' section just need to post a bit more or use the contract cleaning section. It gets filled with pressure washing posts because maybe pressure washing is worth posting about and there is more interest in it as an add on to the window cleaning section!

Rob ;D


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