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Startup with The Steempro 2000
Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 12 October 2003
What do you gentleman reckon to The Steempro 2000 start up package.

So far my plan is this , please please feel free to pick my plan to bits , i welcome any advice, Please I want to get this right.Please tell what i am missing probably a lot i KNow
1. Buy Startup package @2700.
2. Attend the training course. FREE Cool
3. Arrange insurance. (HELP) is there differnet levels , the main thing i want is to not go bust if I reck something early on. HOW MUCH SHOULD I be PAYING Huh Huh
4. Attend NCCA training get membership. Cheesy
5. Get uniform. Wink
6. Advertise in Local Press. Quote, Trained & Insured NCCA member.
7. Test Everything before cleaning, religously.
7.Avoid any Rugs until I have more experiance  Embarassed Embarassed.
8.Get a cheap but neat website.

Do I Need some form of forced drying to be really good or am i risking barbecuing my customers carpets, with lack of experience. Can i use a VAX or something to suck out moisture with no heat.


Can I get customers to sign a waiver if they want me to try to Agressivley clean something, but i dont know the result. Would this sort of thing hold up in a dispute.

Many Thanks


Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 12 October 2003
Alex, you're questions have been read 6 times with no answers, because you are asking a lot of questions and its a lot to answer.

So if you don't mind I'll pick one thing to answer and hopefully everyone else might do the same.

NoCool I had a website for 3 years and got no work from it. I think this is because it was'nt regestered with all the search engines. don't expect to get lots of work from a website it does'nt happen.


Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 12 October 2003
Fair point Mike , bit excited sometimes and type too much  Grin Grin

If anyone out there does want to answer any points i would be very grateful.

Cheers me dears

Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 12 October 2003
Hi Alex
My money would be on you doing better than most that get involved in carpet cleaning and you are doing things exactly as we would recommend when we get asked for advice. More important than anything is the training course and the Prochem ones are as good as they come.
The bottom line is that if you are going to charge good rates then you have to do a good job. Most answers to these other questions you will find here on the site.
We sell lots of Prochem startup packages (which Steampro machine are you looking at? - maybe we can quote if we havent already done so?) and we have very few problems.
Is a twin motored upright included in your start-up package? We've done demonstrations before now where the customer is as impressed by the difference a decent vacuum can make, as they were with the actual carpet cleaning process!
Mike Boxall

Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 12 October 2003
Hi Mike

I am looking at a number at the minute , doing my research mainly on the net plan to start getting some phone calls started next week.

The prochem streampro 2000 looks a fine machine,but costs.

Even thought about a commanche or (cheyenne spelt wrong there i think.)

Although i keep looking at the steampro 200 and asking myself will this do me for domestic cleaning, am i looking to buy too much as i don't even have any customers yet.

The startup packages appear  good for the likes of me , but i can't help wondering if i am actually going to use it all.

Stuff like overshoes i know i can get cheaper, and do i really need all the upgrades?

I also like the Ninja but not entirely impressed with amount of info i can find prochem come up an awful lot on the net and seems very proffesional.

If you would like to quote me that would be great. perhaps a private message guesstimate.

All the best and thanks for help and interest.


Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 12 October 2003
sorry should have stated STEEMPRO POWERFLO 1st choice.
Steemeasy 200 2nd , seems nice and light
Steemeasy 400 3rd Heavier butr has nice large tank
Ashby Ninja powerful  looks sexy and powerfull (God i am really getting obsessed by this now)
Grin Grin

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 13 October 2003
Hi again Alex

The machines with the twin vacuums will usually run with up to around seventy foot of hose (sorry I am taking old measurements..its my age).
This means that you can clean most single and some small second storey houses leaving the machine on the ground floor.

I haven't found the weight a major problem... just tilt the machine back on its rear wheels put the front wheels into the van and lift....easy peasy. Don't forget to strap it down though once its in the van.

If you do need to go upstairs with a machine then the Ninja and the CFR machine is certainly easier to manage than the longer type design machines

Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 13 October 2003
Alex it easy to get confused with all the different machines, but I find the best way to cut through all the technical stuff is to remember that most machines squirt & suck, its how powerfully the do these 2 things that makes the differance.

you want;

2 x 3 stage 1500watt vac motors

min 100psi pump ( but bigger is better)

an immersion heater or Inline heater

min 2 jet wand.

forget about the gimmicky things like auto- fill & empty.


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