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Staff Recruitment
Posted by Fox (Fox), 1 December 2003
I use all the usual methods when recruiting, local papers, shop windows, job centers etc.  Problem isn't getting a response it's arranging interviews and people not showing up!

When they do there's the problem of choosing the wrong person - they leave after a fortnight and your back at the beginning - explaining to the client why there's another change of staff!

Have you guys got the same problem?  How do you deal with it and what do you tell your clients?
Posted by highstandard (Peterdirector), 2 December 2003
Hi Fox  We did have that problem. we now have a cleaner of the Month award scheme in place,where the cleaner is paid a bonus for their good work and time keeping, and at the end of the year the cleaner with the most awards get a double bonus. We now have a great team.  Before taking on staff you should check out their references. Hope this Helps
Posted by Splashgroup (Splashgroup), 19 December 2003
When I had my car valeting company we cleaned over 6500 cars per year for Mercedes Benz dealers and direct to MB, all my staff were women (64 employees) and the operation ran like clockwork. However Peter has the same ploy as myself, if you offer prizes and bonus schemes and generally be very far with the workers they will bend over backwards to help you.
Now I`ve sold the company i will never employ again !!!!!!!


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