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Conservatory roof ladder.
Posted by Squeaky_Clean (Squeaky_Clean), 6 October 2003
Does anyone know the best eg cheapest Grin place to get a conservatory roof ladder? The only price I can find is 399 + Vat Shocked. Just priced up a job for a window firms showroom 14 display conserveatory's so I think one may come in handy. Also does anyone use one? any good?
Posted by Squeaky_Clean (Squeaky_Clean), 7 October 2003
This is just the job I want as we enter winter as its all in doors Grin
Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 7 October 2003
depending on size etc from a friend of mine who erects consers i use a piece of wood to go across two beams with a towel around each end works perfect

Posted by Central (Central), 7 October 2003

Whats a conservatory ladder, I take it it's angled or something to make it easier to get on top of the conservatory rooves
Posted by Squeaky_Clean (Squeaky_Clean), 7 October 2003
This is one
I guess no one uses one.
I think I might be able to make one out of a spare 3 section ladder. worth a try to save 400.
Posted by Rob_B (Rob_B), 7 October 2003
Shockedmaybe if they dropped the price they would be a bit more common.
Posted by highwash (highwash), 14 October 2003
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Posted by Steve_T (Steve_T), 14 October 2003
I use a conservatory ladder system made by Ultraframe
Ultraframe are the largest conservatory roof manufacturer in the UK. I bought mine last year and it cost me 600 but worth every penny as I soon got it back with the extra work I can now do.I charge around 80 to clean a 4Mtr by 4Mtr Edwardian which takes around 2 to 3 hours, this includes washing and polishing the whole structure including the cresting and finial ( the pointy bits on top) cleaning out the gutters and of course the windows. I don't recommend using bits of wood and rag as you will slip off trying to reach the cresting. I also charge a hefty premium for the window above the conservatory because without the proper gear my customers will never get it cleaned    

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