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stubborn marks in toilet bowl
Posted by Roxeth (Roxeth), 21 August 2003
I have some very stubborn marks in the bottom of v/enamel toilet bowl. scrubbing with a brush has not moved them. Is there a bio digester that will eat them?
Posted by BeeClean (BeeClean), 26 August 2003
if you cant remove them with a toilet brush then they are likely to be limescale marks which you will need to deal with using an acid based descaler. once you get rid of them try cleaning regularly with a descaler rather than bleach. this is not an ususual problem for many people in hard water areas  Smiley
Posted by catrodney (catrodney), 7 September 2003
In reply to your question to stubborn stains in toilet,please do not use an acid based cleaner without wearing the appropriate safety equipment ie;gloves goggles,long sleeved jacket, I heard from a customer just last week whos husband used a professional cleaning agent and  was rushed to hospital  with acid burns to his arms and splashes in his eyes,pleased to report that after medical treatment and hospital visit of 6 hours no major damage caused,so if in doubt leave the job to the experts. Wink
Posted by steve_tyler (steve_tyler), 7 September 2003
vindaloo makes a mess of everything dont it Grin
Posted by spirit (spirit), 4 November 2003
Best bet is to get some Ho5 (act) ad force water round bend with toilet brush and apply ho5 with brush, the thick gel will stick, leave for half and hour and agitate at water level and on stain, flush and flush again... stain may need retreating but this will get rid of water mark and other nasty evil sludge that lurks in these places.

Good luck,
Posted by petra (petra), 4 November 2003
I find STC or acid wash work well, obviously with protective clothing.
Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 4 November 2003
I use a toilet descaler and usually it gets rid of it in 1 application.

although I just had a real minger and it took 4 applications!!!

1 of them I left on overnight, must of been there for months...


Martin Cool

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