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Neutrogena hand cream
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 31 October 2003
Now its getting colder , do any of you use hand cream to protect your little pinkies  Huh For my first couple of years I didn`t bother. Then I got a free sample and was impressed and have used it since . Cool
Posted by crystal (crystal), 31 October 2003
as ive only been cleaning 2 weeks my pianist hands felt like they were starting to dry out first week so i applied an intensive cream nightly  Embarassed(no jokes) which seemed to do the trick. have heard horror stories about cracking hands in winter can anyone confirm this,  Shocked any tips ?
Posted by Ken (Ken), 1 November 2003
Neutrogena works mega-well. Had a hideous split on my thumb, after using Neutrogenas Intensive hand cream for a couple of days (whilst still working) it had completely healed up. As a bonus my hands scrub up much better at the end of a day.
Posted by Nick_Purssey (Nick_Purssey), 1 November 2003
Better still protect your hands before work by useing a barrier cream ( make sure it is good in the wet!)
Posted by Service_Champion (Service_Champion), 2 November 2003
Just started using Atrixo. It seems to do the job very well.


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