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Has this ever happened to you!
Posted by woodman (woodman), 3 November 2003

Hi Guys and Gals

Ever had this happen to you.

Turned up today to clean a suite after carrying out an estimate about a month ago on carpet and upholstery cleaning only to find she had booked me to clean the suite and another company to clean the carpets, they apparently didn't know how to clean this particular suite, a draylon Undecided

I swear I could hear yippee I ayes as this bunch of cowboys started to unload the 'equipment' from their car.

She  told me, in the presence of the other cleaners, that my carpet prices were  higher than this company so I could clean the suite (very nice of her) and they would do the carpets.

I politley informed her that I would not be doing the suite today thank you very much as the house would be too crowded with cleaners machines and hoses and would be dangerous but if she would like to ring back we would get her booked in another day. not

The cheek of some people knows no bounds Smiley
Posted by stevegunn (Steve Gunn), 3 November 2003
Yes that has happened to me I done the suite because the other fella did not want to do it but he gladly cleaned four carpets Shocked for her but would not touch the suite he told it could not be wet cleaned and still stung her for 90
Posted by Musicman (Musicman), 3 November 2003
Try inserting the following paragraph towards the end of your quotes.

'The above prices assume that all items quoted for will be cleaned on the same day and allow for travelling and set up time. If any items quoted for are later excluded we reserve the right to charge a 25% premium over and above the quoted amount for the remaining items.

There is no guarantee that you will get both carpets and upholstery but at least this way it helps to make it worthwhile.

Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 4 November 2003
This is slightly different but just shows how cheaky some customers are.

I cleaned this carpet and did my usual fantastic job Grin.  2 days later she called me to say some stains had re-appeared so I rushed back thinking some had wicked back.

there was some big black marks in the middle of the room, no way had they been thier before. as I was looking I thought there was something strange about the fire, it was completely different.

they'd  had a new gas fire fitted 2 hours after I'd cleaned the carpet and the gas fitters shoes rubbed shoe polish all over the damp carpet. but still she thought I should reclean the carpet for free Roll Eyes

the sad thing was, I did


Posted by pre-vac_Nick (pre-vac_Nick), 4 November 2003
Mike you deserve a halo!! Wink

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