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LADDERS FREE.CO.UK - Has anyone dealt with them?
Posted by highwash (highwash), 24 November 2003
hi to all pure water system operators. has anyone had any dealings with LADDERSFREE LTD and have you received any work from them? their website is  
Posted by paul (paul), 26 November 2003
Posted by highwash (highwash), 27 November 2003
Posted by Rob_B (Rob_B), 27 November 2003
Give me £95 plus vat and I will find you some work.
Posted by simonb (simonb), 27 November 2003
It is a typical rip off. You have no proof that they can or will even try to get work.
Lets face it anyone can say send me £95 and I will.....
I have seen similar scams before. DON'T send em any money, pay em commission IF they get any for you.
simon B
Posted by highwash (highwash), 27 November 2003
thanks simon - my sentiments entirely! I posted this topic hoping that it would generate the suspicion  that I had. a LIMITED company,they have been operating for a year and only one equipment supplier (ettore) one insurance co. (darwin clayton) plus george systems have a listing on their "one stop shop" link.
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 27 November 2003
There does seem to be a growing number of these directory services online and, personally, I wouldn't pay to register with any of them unless it was results based.
My approach would be to ask them how many referals they would expect to be reasonable for £95. If they said 20 over the year, as an example, offer to pay them £5 per lead.

Seems like a win-win situation unless, of course, they weren't entirely confident about generating the leads in the first place!

Posted by poleman (poleman), 5 January 2004
i have just become a member and the cost of joining has payed for its self, jan 17 will be doing a school for 250 pounds cost of joining was a lot last and we all dont time to get work, but will let ever one if it all a bit pete tong.

fed member    
Posted by highwash (highwash), 6 January 2004
didn't understand after 250 pounds. is it me? who is pete tong? i am over 50 and listen to radio 2 perhaps this is the reason. where am i - is the answer 42? hello
Posted by wrighty (wrighty), 6 January 2004
Hi Highwash,

Im 25 and got lost after £250 so dont worry I think we are all Pete Tong cos I have read it a few times and the more I read it the more confused I get so POLEMAN PLEASE put us out of our misery and tell us it again.

Cheers and Happy New Year to you all


Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 6 January 2004
I  could understand
dorset fed
member Grin Cool
Posted by poleman (poleman), 6 January 2004
for highwash and wrighty

well i join ladders free it cost 95 pounds, they got me a job (school) 250 pounds a clean, so its payed for its self

hope that helps chaps

fed member
Posted by paul (paul), 6 January 2004
when i recived the forms and realised you had to pay i dident bother they dont state from there website that you have pay Huhi wont be filling them in Tongueis this a one off charge or is it payable yearly Angry
Posted by Rob_B (Rob_B), 6 January 2004

I assume that the job is in your area, and is the type of work you are looking for, so how come you haven't already called or sent this school a letter Huh It would have only cost you pennies then.
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 6 January 2004
Mr Poleman,
How long ago did you join Huh , is this the only job you have had from them, could you not of sent letters , phoned firms , schools in your area and saved yourself a few quid Cool
Posted by poleman (poleman), 6 January 2004
rob b

yes in my area, it is the work iam looking for and we all dont get time to look for more windows, hope this helps

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Posted by wrighty (wrighty), 6 January 2004
Hey Poleman,

Thanks for clearing the matter up I now understand but I cant speak for Highwash though.

All the best

Posted by LaddersFree (LaddersFree), 15 January 2004
The majority of LaddersFree members are receiving a good number of leads for new business opportunities within their areas. Our recent project to prospect on schools and colleges has resulted in over a dozen requests for quotations this week alone. Not to mention the national work our new business team is introducing to our members. New leads are not the only benefit we provide our members, they also receive - a website designed and hosted free of charge, free advice on Risk assessments and H and S, mailshots to businesses within their area and probably most important that by becoming a member we agree not accept any independent work that they are currently carrying out.
All this for just £95 annual membership to help with our administration costs.
I hope this gives you a clearer picture and answers your query. However if you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to email
Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 17 January 2004
LaddersFree, your website says:

"The National Register for Ladderless Window Cleaning has been compiled to guide those individuals and companies using the Reach and Wash and Tucker Pole system through the methods of best practice, making a safe environment for us all."

Why only these company's systems?  What if I had a Brodex System?  Or AquaTec?  Or Cleantech?  Or Pure20? or Gapswater?  or Omnipole?

I don't think its right to assume there are only two pole suppliers in the UK.

Posted by sean_rimmer (Dom Matrix aka BRODEX), 17 January 2004
To be fair on Ladders Free, they put their operation into effect a couple of years ago when there was less choice about and naturally the majority of operators who had been using pole systems, will have had OTT & Tucker systems. It was a Tuckerpole employee who broke away from Tuckerpole some 6 years ago to form OTTionic and it was then Omnipole who first challenged the dominance of the 2 former companies.
 Now competition is healthy and maybe Ladders Free need to catch up on the market dynamics of what is now happening and reflect that on their web site, but I dont think for a moment, they are actively promoting one manufacturer over another.
 One thing that I think is very positive about their presence in the marketplace, is that they promote the concept of pole window cleaning and if that saves one life, then maybe in some peoples eyes thay have justified their existance.
I would like to point out, BRODEX have no shares in, interest in, know anybody who works for Ladders Free.
Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 17 January 2004
Fair comment Dom,

Thanks for helping clear that up.

Posted by LaddersFree (, 20 January 2004
Phillip, It seems Dom has already answered your query. Dom is quite right in respect to the history of LaddersFree and the systems used. LaddersFree management have an annual website review during next month. F.Y.I. The phrase 'water-fed poles system' is likely to replace 'Reach & Wash' and 'TuckerPole'.


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