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Hiding Staff
Posted by Anj (Anj), 28 October 2003

  HELP...  ive just took over the job as Cleaning Manager for a very large firm, in which i have 12 cleaning staff, the unit we are in is very large, i know the staff are hiding and not performing, its murder when i have to take 20 mins to go to one wing, to find the staff have sneaked away into another wing, any advise shall be looked into.  
Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 28 October 2003
Hi Anj
mention that a managers meeting has been called for job cuts and start up a rota after completion of each job to be recorded or logged or montor with walkee talkees

Posted by Anj (Anj), 28 October 2003

 Thanks for that one Allan  ill let you know how i get on with it Smiley
Posted by DP (DP), 29 October 2003
Hi Anj
From your short post, this screams to me of lack of localized supervision. If you are the only supervision for this number in a large building then this is the real problem. Although 12 staff are not normally a problem, they are when they are working 500 yards apart from each other.

If not and you have supervisors or team leaders, then its time to reel them in.

Be careful about threats unless you can carry them out as people will see straight through them and often interpret them as a lack of experience and then play with you just to let you know they are not stupid.

Be also careful about imposing any system that will simply substitute their inefficiency with another (ie yours) they will love that as well.

Try and find the reason rather then the quick fix which will always come back and bite you one way or another.

If they are doing it simply because they can, then thatís lack of supervision or work.

If they are doing it because they simply donít care, then thatís attitude and unless you can change it, it wont matter what you do, they will find a way around it. In this case the answer is clear.

Remember never bite and never take anything personally, just analyze and adjust.

Sorry if I have stated the obvious, but without any further details its a bit of a guess.

Posted by Fox (Fox), 29 October 2003
I think electronic tagging is a great idea!!!!!!
Posted by DP (DP), 29 October 2003
Why didnt I think of that it would have been a lot easier on the digits.  Wink Grin
Posted by pre-vac_Nick (pre-vac_Nick), 29 October 2003
i find the ball and chain still works!! Roll Eyes

or sometimes the broom handle on backside Wink
Posted by petra (petra), 29 October 2003
some fantastic new moral boosting idea,s, must try them
Petra Cheesy
Posted by Anj (Anj), 29 October 2003

 i wish i could use some of these it would be a lot easier thanks everyone for cheering me up, i finish work at 1 am and its been the best tonic logging in here

Posted by mr_sheen (mr_sheen), 29 October 2003
hi everyone

went to inspect a job last week,the girls are on it for only 2 hours they must of thought they were at a mothers meeting sitting down smoking fags when they only just got there. well when i walked thourgh the door they could'nt move quick enough  when i said to them (what you think your having a party)

So supprise visits they work a treat lol Grin
Posted by Anj (Anj), 29 October 2003

 i did plan do that one night, but the time i had got round to them they had smoked their f*g     Anj Cheesy


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