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Cleaning chemicals - small set up!
Posted by stevet (stevet), 28 September 2003
I have spent many years in the chemical trade and am in process of starting out on my own.

I can manufacture virtually every detergent / disinfectant type you can imagine to a very high standard of quality using many years experience to achieve the perfect product to your requirements.

I only propose to make up and deliver small batches to a limited number of customers as I will be continuing in my current job on a part time basis.

If you have a product you want me to look at for you please respond letting me know what you want and what quantity you are prepared to purchase at any one time and I will give you a price and a sample to try as I will make to order. Wink
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 28 September 2003
How about GG4 Huh it seems popular with most window cleaners in the forum,quantity depends on price and quality
Posted by stevet (stevet), 28 September 2003
I have 3 window cleaning formulations that I can produce for you. I can make them stronger or weaker depending on the general degree of soiling but the 3 I have in the top of my head are below

All 3 are very highy formulated.

1. (Formulae with ammonia) + isopropanol and specialist ingredients. Used neat - apply using soft cloth and polish off

2. as above but without ammonia

3. Glass protective formulae - anti static, anti smear, spray on polish off formulation (this is most likely the closest to GG4?!

Is this what you mean or am I way off your line of thought?

Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 28 September 2003
Hi steve
I'm trying to get hold of ammonia by the gallon can you supply this or smaller as I use this with most of my cleaning
Cheers Alan
Posted by stevet (stevet), 28 September 2003
I am not insured to deliver it in its neat form only as part of a formulations that I have registered with my insurers, but I will speak to my supplier and if he agrees will pass on your details. (they are a bit particular about who they deal with - you normally need to be in the chemical trade if you know what I mean)
Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 28 September 2003
Cheers for reply
I'll wait to hear, are you local to the s/east
Thanks Alan

Posted by reviveadrive (reviveadrive), 1 October 2003
I run a company Integral Chemicals Limited.
We manufacture for Revive - a - Drive Limited.
Do you need a manufacturing base?
We manufacture driveway maintenance products.
Ken Raby
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 3 October 2003
Re GG4
You can get a sample from Wintecs for 1 Cool

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