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scrubber dryer "Wanted"
Posted by Scots_cleaner (Scots_cleaner), 1 March 2004
Hi all,

Im looking for a small scrubber dryer for a shop that we clean 4 days a week.

Regards Barry...
Posted by RGK (RGK), 10 March 2004
Have a look at the TTQ1535 at

Posted by karlwildey (karlwildey), 13 March 2004
check out, item no:-  3803415486
Posted by RGK (RGK), 13 March 2004
...and 99pence is what it's worth. It's as old as the hills! I'm talking about a brand new machine with a manufacturer's warranty!
Posted by adl (adl), 14 March 2004
i know of a small scrubber dyrer battery operated for sale in the preston area this would be a cheap machine and is hardley used contact uk cleaning supplies on 01772 432444
Posted by Cloverleaf (Cloverleaf), 15 March 2004
I may have just what your looking for,
an RGK Turbolava 2000 in good condition 14" wide,
Twin rotary scrubbing brush with pick up and solution tank.
You can call me on 0776 425 4898
Posted by bengiles (bengiles), 17 March 2004
ok, if Carlsberg  made scrubber driers they would make the karcher br400!!  amazing machine, will knock the pants off any other mini scrubber drier! i am a distributor for numatic, victor and karcher, and the karcher machine will out clean any of the obove.

new cost 1700 + vat or i have two second hand reconditioned for 600 + vat each.

regards ben 01239 621821
Posted by patrickfarrington (patrickfarrington), 17 March 2004
I am wondering                                                                If your k-archer br -400 machine is so amazing how come you have 2 second hand ones for sale. I would have thouught they would have been as rare as hens teeth if they were that good.
Posted by bengiles (bengiles), 18 March 2004
so Mr. "i think i am really funny"

these machines are re-conditioned!!  i provide a part-x service and a full karcher service programme!!  hence when i replaced 12 br400 machines for a local company who were moving to larger premises with 12 new br/bd 530 's i replaced all replaceable parts on the br400's and sold 10 in three weeks!  i have 2 left but since the ad went out i think both are now taken!!

take your not funny "rare as hens teeth" coment and shove it in about the only place a br400 would'nt clean..............!!!!!! get a life, and post a positive comment that might just help someone in their business!!


Posted by Musicman (Musicman), 18 March 2004
That's not very nice Ben, a veiled dig would have been more acceptable but there's no place for commets like that on this forum, we try to be professional here.

For the record I recently did a demo with a Rotowash on a floor regularly cleaned with a Karcher BR400. The difference was considerable. Even using tap water the Rotowash did a far, far better job. Now I've never actually used a Karcher BR400 so I cannot comment upon how good or bad the machine is or isn't, and it may be down to the machine operator - but seeing is believing.

I hope this post is positive and constructive enough to help someone in their business!

Posted by adl (dave at adl), 18 March 2004
i have a second hand scrubber dryer its a Power Flite Predator Automatic, 2 brand new batteries drive plate 17", and charger   350.00
Posted by bengiles (bengiles), 22 March 2004
ok............ yea i went over the top!!!! Angry  

sorry to the guy!!!!!  Embarassed

just some of the comments seem to be really needless and of no practical value.  as if people have no real interest in each subject!!  but i take my tail between my legs  Embarassed, hobble off and jump in the crater i have just dug!!

sorry again  Cry Cry Cry  

ben   Lips Sealed
Posted by paddy_magintey (paddy_magintey), 11 April 2004
ben. jeysus your so full of yourself arnt ya i have spooken to you over the fone once and i wouldnt trust you or anything you was selling .so cut the crap and stop bullshiting thankyou
Posted by bengiles (bengiles), 11 April 2004
to anyone who feels the same as this guy, sorry! I have never lied about any of the machines i make or sell?  i really think these types of remarks should be on private messages, cant see what they have to do with new or used cleaning items? but as i reacted like a true wally in the first place i am as much to blame as the next guy

so yet again sorry! cant say it anymore.

if any one does really know me and my company and feels the need to send a private message to the guy slagging me off.... then thank you.

Posted by paddy_magintey (paddy_magintey), 12 April 2004
sur there is no one slagging you of mr giles you can do that yourself alright now cant ya. ejit

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