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Posted by Drive_Revive (Drive_Revive), 3 November 2003
Who do you get in touch with about graffiti, i.e. bus shelters, walls, signs?

Is it the police or the councils environmental health dept?
Posted by DP (DP), 3 November 2003
It wonít be the police; normally the council will have a department set up for this who will also have an advice line, with recommended services. Just ring your local council as though you have a graffiti incident to see how they are handling the calls.

However be warned the councils are beginning to pick up on this themselves as a money earner as they have a responsibility to clean public areas anyway. Around here if you ask for graffiti removal, the council will send their own truck.

Posted by the_cleaning_guru (the_cleaning_guru), 3 November 2003
I can "echo" DP's remarks. I have supplied units to London Boroughs who have taken on graffiti removal for themselves. However some authorities do use contractors and the charges are high but then so are the set up charges if you are going into it professionally. You need to do some market research in your area, don't forget housing associations, public transport etc as they all have graffiti problems as well as Local Authorities.
Posted by Drive_Revive (Drive_Revive), 4 November 2003
Thanks for all your help will keep every one posted with results

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