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Archive Photographs
Posted by setanta23 (setanta23), 8 August 2003
CINTO are in the process of making a promotional CD and we are looking for old photographs of cleaners in times past which we may be able to use in a montage on the CD.

If anyone knows of any sites on the internet where I may be able to find such photographs I would be eternally gratefull

Many thanks

Martin Mc Ginn
Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 8 August 2003
on a simalar line i am after a picture of a window cleaners hand cart. if anyone can help
Posted by Derek (Derek), 9 August 2003

There is a cleaning company in Leicester (Hands Cleaners) who, I believe, still use a handcart within the confines of the city centre..... how about that... you could record it in video.


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