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Pole from Pure 2o...
Posted by Pure_2o (Pure_2o), 19 February 2004
Thankyou Phillip (silly) for your kind words and enlightening people regarding Pure 20 Ltd. on cleaning pros.

Phillip wrote :

We have just bought a water fed pole from Pure 20 and I must say, it is far, far better than the aluminium one we had been using.

The quick release mechanisms are easy and quick to operate, and it is markedly more rigid than ALU so doesnt boing around so much.

Also, being made of fibreglass, it is lighter and not cold to the touch in wintertime. †I imagine a carbon fibre pole would have been even lighter still.

Carl Stacey of Pure20 was very helpful, even though he was quite busy installing a very envy-inducing 1000ltr van mount for a customer. †I want one of those now! (just dont have the 6-7k it would cost!). †It was suprisingly large, I certainly wouldn't want one of those flying through the air and crashing in to me.


Itís good to see somebody is thinking of the safety issues involved.

I can safely say the 1000 litre van mount system wont come flying through the air and crashing on you, as the stainless steel chassis and holding tank is crash tested to FMVSS 208 Standard. †

Thanks again


Posted by Old_Master (Old_Master), 19 February 2004
Posted by Old_Master (Old_Master), 19 February 2004
talking about crash testing again be sure to collect your Brownie points for mentioning crash testing again from your HQ
are the fibreglass poles the same ones as sold by
and of course Omnipole Grin
Posted by karlosdaze (karlosdaze), 19 February 2004
and in the red corner................. Grin
Posted by Silly_Philly (Silly Philly), 20 February 2004
Gosh, I sound like a cheesey american advert up there!

"Its tasty, AND nutritious"

Posted by Pure_2o (Pure_2o), 20 February 2004
"Its tasty, AND nutritious"

Mr Pure2o makes exceedingly good poles !!

Nice one Silly.   Grin
Posted by APS_PureWash_Sys (APS_PureWash_Sys), 20 February 2004
Posted by stevekennedy (stevekennedy), 20 February 2004
Anyone supplying/ using a 2 x 3ft pole? I would like this size for doing ground floor residential work.

Also, is there a brush that would work well with patio doors? We find that you need to turn the pole sideways to clean them. I would like to have a brush that had bristles on the top edge as well so I can just clean in one sweep, top to bottom. Would also be good for shops etc.
Posted by APS_PureWash_Sys (APS_PureWash_Sys), 20 February 2004
        yes, yes & yes!! no problem, any size you want,
anything is possible Grin
Posted by Pure_2o (Pure_2o), 23 February 2004

We have a large range of hand tools available, please don't hesitate to give me a shout to discuss further :

0870 240 3805

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