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proforma letters
Posted by peewa (neil 47), 15 January 2004
Need a bit of help with composing letters to send out to letting agent,s , office,s etc for cleaning and carpet cleaning how do you all set about this. If any of  you have any example,s you can  e-mail me if you want


Cool Cool Huh

Just a new starter
Posted by petra (petra), 15 January 2004
Well, I just write an intro letter, telling them a bit about us ie lenghth trading, insurance, reliability, training, coshh, H&S and no obligation Quotes.
Posted by peewa (neil 47), 15 January 2004
Well petra I qualify on one of the points in buiss 1 day lol
Posted by petra (petra), 16 January 2004
Yes but you must have some selling inventive..

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