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Industry training courses
Posted by lyn (lyn), 10 September 2003
Advice please any what are the best cleaning/de-cluttering courses to go on ?
Are these useful before starting own business ?
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 10 September 2003
Hi Lyn
There are plenty of courses run by industry approved organisations. What sort of areas do you plan to get involved with?
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 10 September 2003
Hi Lyn
        Depending on what type of course you are looking for the British Institute of Cleaning Science is a good place to start for cleaning courses. Their telephone number is 01604-678710 . Hope this helps!  Cheesy
Posted by Stu (Stu), 11 September 2003
Accrington & Rossendale College have a whole suite of Cleaning Science related qualifications.
These range from NVQ qualifications through to the British Institute of Cleaning Science COPC awards and many bespoke courses to suit individuals needs including Carpet Cleaning, Hard floor care, Biohazards awareness.

Give us a call on 01254 354168 and we can send you an information pack  Cheesy
Posted by lyn (lyn), 12 September 2003
Thanks to Mike, Steve and Stu for your help re:courses.

Do you think that I need to do these before starting up a de-cluttering business or should I just go for it, also is there anyone out there who has already set up a similar venture who can give me any further advise?

Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 15 September 2003
Hi Lyn
        I think the British institute of cleaning science have got a list of the different colleges that do their courses.

Steve Lowe
Posted by Andrew (Andrew), 17 September 2003
You seem unsure about your objectives regarding training. Do you detect a skills gap that needs filling or are you concerned about a formal qualification to provide evidence of the compitency you already have?

In terms of whether you should go ahead without training, surely that would be most unwise if you recognise you dont possess the skills for the job. You certainly should not go ahead if health and safety issues are involved, the implications of which you may not fully appreciate.

Formal qualifications are essential in the longer term if you wish your organisation to be perceived as a professional organisation.  For the individual they of course engender self esteem and create a pride in the job.

Andrew from Edu-Clean
Posted by lyn (lyn), 17 September 2003
Dear Andrew
Thank you for your reply (especially as posted at 4 am !)
I have qualifications in Interior design and Business Admin but as I am thinking of setting up in a business that is faily unique to this area and in only that I have good organisational qualities I dont know if a cleaning qualification of some sort would be of any help in promoting this new business. I would certainly welcome any advise
Thanks again
Posted by Derek (Derek), 17 September 2003
Hi Lyn

Interior design would suggest that fabrics are involved somewhere in your thoughts.

There are several organisations you could make contact with on this front... the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association).. the AMU (Association of Master Upholsterers) etc. You could get involved as an Associate member and have access to the vast knowledge that is available.

An interior designer who considers the cleanability of upholstery fabrics...that really is novel.
You would be one in a million Lyn... but I am sure you already are

Posted by lyn (lyn), 18 September 2003
Thank you Derek

I will contact all the suggested Associations today and take it from there.........................

Also thank everyone else for their help



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