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National Cleaning Manager Needed
Posted by Hugo (Hugo), 10 September 2003
I am looking to start a national company to clean a chain of 40 bars throughout the UK.  I need a keen, ambitious go getter who is willing to spear head the challenge.  The manager will need to organise cleaners and supplies all over the UK and to provide a service to a high standard.  All necesarry funding is in place to begin the mission.  If you are up to the challenge of becoming the chief director of operations with all its bonus's and perks email me a 500 word business plan of how you would tackle the massive organisation that is needed to start up a national chain of cleaning company.   Ideas to be included in plan are staff recruitment, cleaning supplies, quality control, speed of growth, i.e. 2 bars each week? This is an absolute opportunity for a individual hungry for success and money.  NO TIME WASTERS PLEASE.

EMAIL HUGO at with business plan.  Attach a CV but is not neccessary.  No degree, no problem we are interested in drive, ambition and results.
Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 10 September 2003
This sounds like a load off bolloc#+ to me,   I might be a cynical old git but I can see someone whos got the job of cleaning a load of pubs and has no idea how to get started, so he  put this post on here hoping some idiot writes him a good bussiness plan or at least gets some good ideas for free.

then again this might be a great oppertunity for some one Roll Eyes

Posted by woodman (woodman), 10 September 2003
its about time you got of that fence and told people what you really think Grin

I knew your were old and cynical ,dunno about the git part though.

On first reading I must admit I thought the same but you must give 'em the benefit of the doubt.
not  a bad job though you'll only work 20 weeks of the year.

Posted by Peter_Suddaby (Peter_Suddaby), 10 September 2003
Hi Hugo--when you get your guy your going to need some sort of control system. If your interested in an intelligent on line mobile paperless system for
everything, then give me a call.

Posted by admin (Forum Admin), 10 September 2003
Hi Hugo
I can understand people being a little skeptical - I'd suggest you need to give a few more details so potential applicants take it seriously. Like:
Do you actually have the contract?
If not, why are you likely to get it?
Are you taking over from an existing contractor?
How much planning has actually already been done?
Do YOU have any experience in the cleaning industry?
In any case I hope you get some feedback
Forum Admin
Posted by Hugo (Hugo), 11 September 2003
I will give more details to serious candidates.  But I will you a brief history and let you in on what we have done in the last 6 months.  We are a limited company with 6 emplyoyees based in London, despite our size we have substancial backing from private investors and the bank.  We have purchased a portfolio of over 40 bars from some very large opertators.  Since taking on these units we have been lumbered with huge monthly expenses such as cleaning contracts and mechanical maintenance contracts.  We have made the decision to stop outsourcing these services and look at the option of stating our own service.  Based on the size of the cleaning operation it should in theory finance itself, saving us money while making us money and creating opportunities for individuals with the ability.
Why do I not set it up?  In many ways I have, the financing is in place plus the units are owned and operated by us.  Please understand that nobody is going to be awared any contracts.  A new vechicle will be formed to move the operation, I need an individual or small group of individuals with the ability to network across the UK who will work for us directly under the newly formed company.  There is of course a possibility of a JV (joint venture).

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