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Free cordless desktop
Posted by matt (matt), 25 January 2004
I know its not really windows based, BUT its free

fill in the form and away you go, they are a big firm, so we will hopefully get the stuff Smiley

Posted by mickeyfat (mickeyfat), 29 January 2004
Any more free things...maybe a free holiday in the sun Grin
Posted by matt (matt), 29 January 2004
i will keep a eye out  Wink

76 views and 1 reply, i guess people dont go in for the words "thanks" or "cheers"
Posted by Terry_Burrows (Terry_Burrows), 29 January 2004
on 01/29/04 at 17:50:51, matt wrote:
i will keep a eye out  Wink

76 views and 1 reply, i guess people dont go in for the words "thanks" or "cheers"

I think that is matt not many people give things away for free in this world Huh but I will thank you Wink
Posted by mickeyfat (VGC), 29 January 2004
i will thankyou when i get it...if not i will hunt you down with spoons and set my rabid gerbil on your family and town smillys...ok
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 29 January 2004
Hi Matt,

I'm one of your 76 views, but as I'm not a PC re-seller I didn't think it was worth filling in the form, and from the information they ask for I don't think I could convince them that I am.

Thank you for visiting Logitech’s dedicated reseller site. To claim your free Cordless Desktop Deluxe please register now by filling in our quick online survey. We want you to find it easy to sell Logitech peripherals so we hope you won’t mind answering a few questions about your needs and those of your customers. The information you provide will be used only by Logitech, and only to ensure that we provide you with information that will make our products as accessible and relevant as possible for you. . . .
. . . Thanks you for completing this form. If all fields have been completed, Logitech will send you a Cordless Desktop Deluxe.

Don't shoot the messenger!

Posted by matt (matt), 29 January 2004
fair enough WavieDavie Smiley

im a member of a number of forums, most now have a freebie forum, so people can share "free stuff" they come across on the net

you would be surprised at the number of things these "bigger" firms sent out as "gifts" for getting your e.mail address

the trick is with them, is to fill them out a few times, family members, Just before christmas, i got sent 7 USB PC lights (retail about 10 - 15 quid each) they were sent to family members, they are nice aswell, this was from a survey i completed in the summer Smiley, but i got them in the end

i allways say to people who say "you will not get anything, no1 gives away free stuff",

i allways reply with "you got to be in it, to win it, no harm in trying"

these cordless desktop set-ups are real nice, and aint cheap,

ebay here i come  Grin Grin Grin
Posted by g_griffin (g_griffin), 29 January 2004
Yes, thanks.

  Civilty costs nothing.
My mum would have killed me if she knew I hadn`t thanked you.

Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 29 January 2004
i allways reply with "you got to be in it, to win it, no harm in trying"

Hi Matt,

I've had a fair few freebies off the internet myself, but this is obviously for re-sellers and what are you going to say to the Logitech rep who knocks your door to convince you to order lots from them as you've taken their sweetener? A £30-£40 keyboard ain't no mousemat and his sales manager will be wanting your signature on an orderform or the rep's got a lot of explaining to do.

I'd duck out of this one, mate. Best of luck.  

Good idea about selling on freebies on E-bay though!
Posted by matt (matt), 3 February 2004
just a update folks

they have started to send these out

these are the type they are

not bad Smiley

WavieDavie i know what you mean, i had a free coffee maker and enough coffee for 6 months once, then a guy arrives selling Office furniture, he was expecting a Office building with 20 plus people in it, i told him i work from home, and wasnt interested, he was ok about it, i didnt even offer him a cup of coffee  Grin Grin
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 3 February 2004
You're not an Honorary Scotsman are you Matt?   Wink

Here's one for you . . .  

I don't know how many folk have signed up for it, but I'm number 422 from Dec 14th.  They're due to ship mid February. I'll let you know how I get on.
Posted by paul (paul), 3 February 2004
Posted by leeshare (leeshare), 3 February 2004
nice one . ive ordered a desk top kit

ive also replyed to that free pc survey as well


Posted by matt (matt), 3 February 2004

Im Welsh, thats fairly close, celtic brothers and all that  Wink

that PC thing looks good, i knew about the day of the launch, the only thing that put me off, is they get you to sign a contract, saying you will have

watch up to 3 minutes of advertising per hour of use

that concearns me, not the fact that you will watch adverts, the fact is, the PC will have a spyware installed, so they can monitor what you do on your PC, so they can traget the specific adverts, NOW i dont really want big brother watching me surf the net (not that i do anything bad, its just a privacy thing)

Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 4 February 2004
i dont really want big brother watching me surf the net (not that i do anything bad, its just a privacy thing)  
I'm getting it for my 14yr old daughter - her browsing habits will get them confused!

This flyer in today's post . . .
Free Epson Colour printer C43ux RRP £69.95 - all they ask is that you buy Black cartridges at £6.95 and Colour at £7.95 from them, and take delivery of their catalogue with over 1500 printer consumable solutions.
Brand new and current USB model / 11ppm / resolution up to 2800dpi
Prices exclude delivery at £6.95 and VAT. If required they can sell you a USB cable for £7.99
Maximum of 5 per customer - schools can have 25!
Inkjets and Toners  Units 1-5 Polham Lane Ind Est  Somerton  Somerset  TA11 6SP  01458 272727 Fax 01458 274825 no website but email is
"No money up front. We don't take credit cards!!"
They say they've given away more than 8000 and their customers are delighted. Does anyone from Somerton know of these people?


Posted by matt (matt), 4 February 2004
nice 1 Smiley

will e.mail them for more details, lets face it, you get the printer and then you get the ink @ 2.50 a throw online Smiley
Posted by MB (Mark Betts), 10 March 2004
Out of interest did anyone sign up for the Metronomy free pc offer??

And did you recieve it?


Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 10 March 2004
I've been given April 15 - 25 as my delivery dates, so no update yet.
Posted by williamx (williamx), 10 March 2004
Thanks very much i've sighed.  Now can you find a site so I can have a DB7 Pleaseeee Roll Eyes

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