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strip and seal stairs
Posted by geogleam (geogleam), 3 February 2004
I have been asked to quote for a strip and seal on a staircase that was damaged by additional building work at the site.  The stairs are covered with a very hard vinyl type covering that is speckled grey.  The surface is dull with a dusty whiteish bloom, which I guess is the old polish that has been partly removed by the builders although I dont know what they did to them!  The staircase is 4 storys high.
Does anyone more experienced than me have any hints and tips on what to charge, how long it will take and which products to use?
This is my main contract and I provide a total of 180 hrs a week cleaning at the site so I want to impress them!
Thanks Rachel
Posted by petra (petra), 5 February 2004
Firstly, who sealed it and with what...don't be affraid to ask them, by the description it sounds like a saftey flooring. Basicaly you need to strip it with remove or similar product (speak to Mike well impressed with what I have had of him)  Dilute stripper as per instructions and mop on, or use a floor cloth to apply (but wear gloves) leave this to work for 10-15 mins, then srub with a scrubbing brush, and mop up with clean water until all signs of stripper and polish are gone allow to dry and mop with cleaN WATER USING A CLEAN MOP HEAD, do this a couple of times allow to dry, then once you are sure all stripper and polish residues are gone and floor is dry, apply polish, thin coates useing a window applicator, three coats should be plenty, but let each coat dry first.About half hour per coat.
Price well it depens on the size of the stairs

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