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Vetting buyers of your work
Posted by Simon_King (Simon_King), 7 February 2004
I'm going to sell some work to make room for some good commercial work. The work I've got to sell is well estabished work, some of it I've done for over 15 years. The round has no poor payers and the prices range from what I call good to excellent. When I've sold work before its always gone to people I know I can recomend without hesitation to my customers. When I say recomend I mean both in the quality of work sense and also what they are like personally.I'm proberbly being picky but I wont let just anyone buy the round as I feel I owe it to my customers. I guess I dont want any 'comeback'. Does anyone else feel the same? Any ideas?  
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 7 February 2004
Any ideas?

Have you considered taking on someone to assist you, Simon?

You'll make a profit on the work that he's doing, and you'll be able to take on further work as you'll have more free space on your run.

Worth a ponder . . .
Posted by Simon_King (Simon_King), 7 February 2004
Hello Davie
I dont want to take anyone on as among other reasons the employers liability insurance scares me. Amate of mine was quoted 2000! Thats without Public liability. I've decieded to cut the work back but I just dont want it to go to anyone. I'am a fussy git!
Posted by simonb (simonb), 7 February 2004
You should be.
I sold some work and the guy sold it on a week later to some cowboy who doesn't turn up.
The customers started phoning me and complaining.

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