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Experienced staff?
Posted by Anna_Pollard (Anna_Pollard), 8 January 2004
Hi everyone!

Found this site the other day - its brilliant! Cheesy. Keep up the good work!

Am setting up my own company and at the moment there is only me available to clean! I have not advertised my services just yet but would like to know is it wise to start just on your own or is it good to have a few staff to start with?

If I need staff, do I advertise for experienced staff or is this irrelevent?

I am prepared to train staff in my methods of cleaning but am not sure whether if they are experienced they will just do it their own way anyway!

Also, with reference to the Chicken and Egg syndrome recently, any other thoughts on whether to advertise for staff or jobs first or at the same time??

Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated!


Posted by RAINBOW69 (CATMAN), 8 January 2004

You could advertise and interview then when you get really busy give them a call.

When you do need to get someone,   give them a trial period, as from experience, a person at an interview is not the same person you employ.

You can join the Federation Of Small Business, they have a free helpline for all the issues you encounter when starting up, employment, health & safety, tax, etc.
They have a wesite just type in FSB.

Keeping good staff, is difficult, look after them and they will look after you.


Posted by keybrite (keybrite), 8 January 2004
Hi there
best of luck in your new venture, just do a good job and gain a good reputation and the work will soon come in,
employ staff when you cannot do anymore yourself, work with them on site,  look after them, it works, it really does,  paying them that little bit extra when it counts Smiley
Posted by Anna_Pollard (Anna_Pollard), 9 January 2004
Thanks very much for all your suggestions. I guess you have all known the 'Where do I start?!' feeling!

Its really good to have a few tips!  Cheesy

Here goes!

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