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T / M - How good are they really ?
Posted by bruce_wiles (Bruce Wiles), 19 March 2004
Hi everyone

I'm working as a sub cleaning single and double story buildings as big as 10,000 sq ft (approx) and I'm trying to sell the advantages of getting a T/M to my boss, and I need your help to do it.

How do different T/M's compare? apart from price that is.
What are some of the advantages/disadvantages?
How often do they need to be filled and refueled?
How secure are they when you are at the other end of the hose?
Does the solution water keep it's temperature over the hose length?
How easy are they to maintain / fix / repair?
What length of hose can they operate with and with this size of building what psi and vacuum suction would I get at the end of it?
Are T/M's generally quicker to operate than portables?
Are there any other factors that need to be considered?

Come on you guys - sell it to me - so I can sell it to him.

Thanks for all your help  Smiley

Posted by Ken_Wainwright (Ken Wainwright), 19 March 2004
Hi Bruce

I think you're asking the wrong questions. What you should be asking first is:

What is the best and most cost effective system for these type of carpets in these locations?

By restricting yourself to a T/M option could be too limiting.

By the way, as you are probably aware, a T/M will remove more soil more quickly than any other cleaning system. (I gather that there's a major franchise who would disagree with my opinion, but that's another story. Ask Lee G.) However, especially on low profile loop carpet/tiles, a T/M may not always give the cleanest appearance. From personal experience just over a month ago, a multi £Billion prospect I demo'd for stipulated that they would not , under any circumstances, allow HWE of any type in their premises. They wanted a dry system. We convinced them that a low moisture system was the most appropriate and the results exceeded their expectations, and, most importantly, did so safely. (Many computers, suspended steel floor and loose laid carpet tiles).

Safe and happy cleaningSmiley

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