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What do I do now? Help please
Posted by ukmediums (Spik N Span), 10 November 2003
I have Lino in my kitchin which is absolutely filthy. It has lost its shine and staines just stay on it.
As some of you know I have just started work as a school cleaner. I had the chap from the council last Tuesday showing me what to do and what more to use. Now, he said I was to discontinue what we normally use for scrubbing the floor as they use something else now. So tonight I asked if I could take it home, no problem I was told.
So I have tried a test patch of the Stripper and Eternum and its excellent It has brought the floor up better in a few mins that I ever did with my steam cleaner.

The problem I have is he said on lino i shouldnt mop it as the shine goes and water and wax dont mix. As its in the kitchen and a very high traffic area what do I use when the floor gets dirty to clean it. We have whats called "maintainer" Should I use that? Or what

Now I have a clean floor I want to keep it that way and dont want to end up scrubbing it again.

Your help, as always is appreciated

Posted by ellen (Debbie S), 11 November 2003
Yes you can mop it,but only damp and try to only mor spills .You can use floor maintainer mixed with water- but you must remember that floor maintainer will contain a little bit of polish (or something similar-i'm not a scientist!)so check to make sure it is compatable with what you have sealed the floor with.
Crikey, I wish you worked in one of my schools -if you get this enthusiastic about your own kitchen floor you must be great in work!!.
Best wishes
Posted by ukmediums (Spik N Span), 11 November 2003
LOL Debbie

I am very maticulous, I think that's half my problem  Wink. Thing is since we moved in the floor has always been dirty and having taken two days to steam clean it and for then to have to do it again a week later its too much work. The floor has lost all its wax/shine so dirt just stuck to it. I am hoping that if I use the maintainer(which is the same brand as the stripper and eternum incedently) I will only have to wipe over it to have it clean again.
If I cant see my face in it its not clean lol
Thanks for the reply Debbie much appreciated
Posted by (, 11 November 2003
I'd remove any old wax polish from it with stripper. Give it a good scrub and clean then put 2-3 coats of a non-slip metalised polish on like Vision 25 or Meastro. Then you can mop it to your hearts content and not kill the shine. If it starts to loose it's shine, just give it another coat periodically.

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