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Cleaning Software
Posted by paula_smith (paula_smith), 30 September 2003
I am trying to do some research regarding the types of organisations who are most likely to make use of a cleaning software system.  Any suggestions?
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 30 September 2003
Hi Paula
There are already a number of suppliers who target the cleaning industry with accounts, contact management and stock control packages, and Cleanfix have also just launched a new system for tracking equipment.
What type of software do you have in mind?
Posted by paula_smith (paula_smith), 1 October 2003
Thanks Mike.

The type of software I am referring to is a system that enables you to create detailed cleaning schedules by using Standard Cleaning Operations.  Monitor the allocation of resources by accessing a break down of unit cost and man-hours per operation.  

Hope this is enough information.

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