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Posted by wrighty (wrighty), 1 April 2004

I would like to know if window cleaning is seasonal?

Do you manage to complete your work  in the winter?

these are questions that I would appreciate answered as this may determine my position in this job so please answer as truthfully as you can and thank you in advance.

Posted by poleman (PoleMan), 1 April 2004
well for years a made a big thing that the summer was coming and was getting a lot of work done but the summers day are not that long and you get more work done in the the other seasons and the tips are good at crimbo. but now only do business premises now, they dont care if it is raining.



fed member
Posted by wrighty (wrighty), 1 April 2004
Thanks for your reply Andy.  i asked as I have other businesses and really need a push as to quit or carry on window cleaning.  What advice would you or anyone give me.

Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 1 April 2004
I know of some window cleaners who only work in the summer months, but I have always carried on right through winter.

Posted by D.Salkeld_Ltd (D.Salkeld_Ltd), 2 April 2004
Hi All

Lets be honest here folks.

The weather is the main problem in our trade. Yes you can carry on in the winter, the morgage payments do!!,
but its hard work make no bones about it.  It's a matter of doing your best and your round will be behind in the winter but the customers understand that.

The summertime you can do conservatory cleaning to add a bit to your income and in the autumn you can do gutter clearing.

The trick is to callculate your round so that when you do all of it in the summer you are earning more than you need and put some away (like the squirrels!!) for the winter

I'm now looking out at the RAIN POURING DOWN and keeping my chin up!!

David Salkeld
Posted by Gordon_Taylor (Gordon_Taylor), 2 April 2004
Personally the way I see the winter months is that it can't rain everyday.

Rain or Shine.....HAPPY DAYS. Wink

Posted by Londoner (Vince Green), 3 April 2004
For obvious reasons its not much fun in the winter months and you will make more dosh more easily in the summer so put a little by for a rainy day.
You can tough it out if you want to but why bother?
Posted by washglowboy (washglowboy), 6 April 2004
Hi ,Window cleaning for me is my livelihood so whether it be Rain ,Snow ,Sun , etc. I,m out there and if you explain to your customers from the out set then most don,t mind.
Ps: a mate of mind says to his customers that "I,m sure your husband goes out to work all year round what ever the season then so do I ". Cool Roll Eyes Roll Eyes all the best mate.
Posted by matt (matt), 6 April 2004
i agree Smiley

a all year round job, its been said B4, my bill dont stop arriving in the winter, so out i go to work Wink

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